In Between bar stool, 75 cm, smoked oak

In stock on 1 Jun, 2018

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&Tradition’s In Between bar stool by Sami Kallio is defined by the gaps in the crescent-shaped back and arm rest. The shape of the wood veneer panels also give the chair its name: In Between. Made of ash or oak, In Between is an exercise in wood craftsmanship. Traditional techniques, such as compression moulding and woodturning, are used to achieve its form. The shape of the chair is light and balanced, and it is suitable for various spaces and rooms. The designer Sami Kallio was born in Finland and raised in Sweden.

Sami Kallio
Height 102 cm, width 58 cm, depth 54 cm, armrest height 98 cm, seat height 75 cm
Solid oak and formpressed oak veneer.
Smoked oak
Low stool is best suited for approx. 90 cm high tables and the higher stool is best suited for approx. 110 cm high tables.