No 7 barstool, 65 cm, smoked oak - black leather

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Sibast No 7 Bar was inspired by Helge Sibast’s No 7 chair from 1953. Helge Sibast’s grandson Ditlev and his wife Anna Sibast together with Danish designer Marcus Hannibal have interpreted the design of the No 7 dining chair into a contemporary barstool. Just like the original model, Sibast No 7 Bar features a smooth, curved backrest combined with diagonal, tapered back legs and light, upholstered seat. The barstool makes a great fit at private kitchens as well as restaurants and cafés. The chair is a fine example of modern Danish craftsmanship, and it is part of the Sibast Furniture collection featuring Helge Sibast’s original works and new Danish design.

Anna & Ditlev Sibast
Smoked oak, black
54 cm
90 cm
Seat height:
65 cm
Frame material:
Solid oak
Upholstery fabric:
Sorensen Leather


Anna & Ditlev Sibast

Anna & Ditlev Sibast

Anna and Ditlev Sibast carry forward the legacy of the renowned Danish cabinetmaker and designer Helge Sibast. In 2012, Helge Sibast’s grandson Ditlev and his wife Anna relaunched Sibast Furniture, a traditional Danish furniture brand whose history dates back to 1908. Sibast Furniture’s collections are based on the original designs of Helge Sibast with updated models designed by Anna and Ditlev Sibast. Their high-quality wooden furniture combine Helge Sibast’s distinctive style with modern Scandinavian spirit.

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