Replacement webbing, 50 mm


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Together with the Dutch colour and textile designer Hella Jongerius, Artek has developed new, two-tone colour for its linen webbing. The different tones of warp and weft give the webbing a vivid, almost three-dimensional expression. Also, the technical features of the webbing have been updated: the webbing is pre-stretched after weaving for extra stiffness and durability. The webbing is made of twisted linen yarn in Germany.

Needed amount of replacement webbing for Artek chairs:

  • 43 lounge chair: 34 m
  • 45 armchair: 20 m
  • 406 armchair: 20 m
  • 611 chair: 13 m (seat 8 m, backrest 6 m)
  • 615 chair 12,5 m (seat 8 m, backrest 5 m)
  • Y61 stool: 7,2 m

Due to the natural colour variations of linen, Artek recommends replacing the webbing for the seat and backrest at the same time. Linen may stretch slightly with use.

Natural-white, natural-red, natural-black, black, black-brown and black-blue
100% linen
Width 50 mm
This product is sold by the metre.