Aalto Tank chair 400, black leather

1-2 months

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The armchair 400, designed by Alvar Aalto and better known as Tank, is one of the absolute milestones in furniture design of the 1900s. Alvar Aalto designed the Tank in 1936 for the Milan Triennale. The voluminous chair attracted much attention and was awarded during the fair. The Tank chair was an exception compared to Aalto’s previous pieces of furniture both for its shape and for its premises. Previously Aalto designed all his chairs for a certain architecture destination, but the Tank was designed as commission work for the Triennale. The sturdy seat and the wide armrests offer a comfortable seating experience and give the chair its characteristic appearance – which reminds of a tank. The lightness seen in Aalto’s first chairs had now changed into a more massive look and the barycentre had become lower. Of the original upholsteries, the zebra upholstery remains one of the favourite. Nowadays the upholstery options are many and include also a number of fresh colours. Fanny Aronsen’s fabrics bring a new shade to this timeless classic.

Alvar Aalto
Width 77 cm, depth 77 cm, height 65 cm, seat height 37 cm
Birch, seat with No-Sag springs, PU-foam, Dacron and leather