Design Letters' Mini Favourite Cup is a lovely mini-sized drinking cup that also works for storing food or various small trinkets. Suitable also for the little ones, the cup is decorated with the iconic typeface, designed by Arne Jacobsen in 1937: the cup has the word MINI on one side, and DARLING on the other.

The cup is made of durable and safe Tritan, making it virtually unbreakable – even if it occasionally slips from little hands and drops in on the floor. The Mini Favourite Cup can also be complemented with nifty add-ons, like handles or a lid, that make introducing the cup to the little ones a bit easier. As the child gets older and more confident with the cup, the add-ons can be removed and the cup used as is.

Design Letters

Mini Favourite Cup, Darling


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Tritan (BPA-and BPS-free)
Light blue
7,4 cm
6,9 cm
175 ml
Care instructions
Dishwasher safe and microwave proof.