Mini Zoo Whale

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The Zoo Collection is a colorful family of cuddle toys designed by Ioanna Vautrin for the Danish brand Elements Optimal. The members of the animal family include a panda, a whale and a tucan, who represent the three elements of the world: earth, water and air. The Zoo Collection was originally designed for public spaces such as kindergartens, schools and playgrounds, and therefore only durable and fireproof materials are used in the collection. Made of a blend of wool and viscose, the cuddle animals are great playmates in the children’s room and they can also be used as fun cushions on a sofa or a bed. The Zoo Collection toys come in two different sizes: an oversized version which is great for cuddling and climbing on, and a smaller ”teddy bear” version.

Ioanna Vautrin
Length 33 cm, width 20 cm, height 14 cm
Blue, white
Kvadrat Fabric; Hallingdal 65, 70% wool 30% viscose. Inside is one piece of foam