What’s new: Le Klint’s Plivello pendant

How about the elegance of past centuries and the glamour of traditional chandeliers in modern form? Yes, please! Le Klint’s new Plivello pendant updates the classic crystal chandelier for today by giving it a whole new shape and material.

Two Plivello pendants hanging on an office
Designer Christian Troels was inspired by the elegant, multi-tiered crystal chandeliers when creating the striking shape of the Plivello.

LE KLINT'S PLIVELLO PENDANT sparks the glory of centuries past. The charming luminaire is a contemporary take on classic crystal chandeliers – yet here the crystals are replaced by Le Klint’s signature paper pleats.

Plivello 112 pendant
The shape of the Plivello pendant is created with delicately hand-folded paper pleats, in a very characteristic Le Klint design.

Designer Christian Troels wanted to highlight the striking appearance of the pendant by dividing the paper shade into different levels.

“I thought it could be exciting to add a more flamboyant style to the design by splitting the lampshade into several levels,” he tells. “The light spreads wonderfully and it still reminds you of chandeliers from the past.”

Plivello 112 pendant
The paper shade is set in layers to surround the light source.

The name of the ceiling light is a clever reference to its multi-layered structure: Plivello is a combination of the word pli, which is French for 'fold', and the word levello, Italian for 'level'. Folds in level, exactly – what could be more fitting?

Plivello 111 pendant
Gold-hued rings separate each paper layer, adding an extra touch of elegance and sophistication to the look of the chandelier.
Two Plivello pendants
Plivello pendant is handmade, fold by fold and pleat by pleat, in Odense, Denmark.
Three different Plivello pendants
Elegant ceiling lights are available in three different sizes that all look impressive on their own or in a group of several shining luminaires.

Like other Le Klint luminaires, Plivello pendants are manufactured in the company's own factory in Odense, Denmark. Skilfully handcrafted, the unique shades are timeless and contemporary at the same time, guaranteed to bring a spark of elegance to a home living room or dining room as well as to a restaurant, bar, or hotel lobby.

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Text: Susa Pääkkönen Images: Le Klint

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