Urban, Classic or Carefree? Finnish Design Shop and Joo Kodit created three styles for decorating a small home

Finnish Design Shop provided Joo Kodit, a company offering rental apartments, with three versatile interior design sets particularly suitable for compact homes. Consisting of timeless and sustainable items, the sets are designed to serve from one life situation and home to another.

Artek Aalto chair 69, orange
Joo Carefree boasts a relaxed feel and vivid colors. HAY’s CPH20 dining table is surrounded by Artek’s 69 chairs in orange red, &Tradition’s Flowerpot pendant, and Reeta Ek’s Two Flower Vase art print. The Midsummer Dream vase is from Artek.

AS AN AMBASSADOR OF CAREFREE RENTAL LIVING, Joo Kodit specializes in offering easily and quickly accessible apartments for various life situations. The brand, launched in 2021, sought collaboration with Finnish Design Shop in order to virtually style rental apartments included in its selection. This collaboration resulted in three different interior design looks created using Finnish Design Shop’s products.

“We wanted our virtually styled sites also to reflect the playfulness, timelessness and minimalism of our brand in the future. Many of our residents are young and live in big cities, and the apartments are quite compact. The functionality and coziness of an apartment can be greatly influenced with the decor, which is why we want to offer our residents inspiration and facilitate the purchase of furniture and objects,” says Heta Kärki, Commercial Director at Joo Kodit.

Hem Puffy lounge chair, natural - cream steel
Designed by Faye Toogood for Hem, the Puffy lounge chair adds a relaxed vibe to the room.
Muuto Leaf table lamp, copper brown
HAY’s Rice paper shade and Muuto’s Leaf table lamp illuminate the Joo Carefree bedroom.

The curated interior design sets continue the sustainability work of Joo Kodit. So far, the brand has invested particularly in the energy efficiency of its apartments as well as the common areas available to all residents. At the end of the year, Joo Kodit will open a street-level café in one of its housing companies in Oulu, Finland, serving as a shared living room for the residents.

“These items can last you a lifetime, and in case you want to give them up at some point, their resale value is good.”

“We want to encourage our residents to make sustainable interior-design decisions. The furniture used in the interior design sets is perfect for small apartments but will not, by any means, become obsolete when moving into a bigger home. They can last you a lifetime, and in case you want to give them up at some point, their resale value is good,” sums up Kärki.

HAY Mega Dot bed cover, mustard
In a small home, a bed can double as a sofa during the day. HAY’s warm yellow Mega Dot bed cover pairs beautifully with GUBI’s vintage red Gräshoppa floor lamp. The side table is Halves by Muuto.

“Everyone should have the right to a timeless high-quality interior”

Finnish Design Shop’s interior designers were tasked to provide Joo Kodit with three inspiring interior design looks particularly suitable for small urban homes. This resulted in joyful and colorful Joo Carefree, understated and natural Joo Classic as well as graphic and streamlined Joo Urban.

“The goal of our design team was to create durable and versatile looks that adapt to different needs. We used both classic products and more contemporary design in the interiors. In our opinion, everyone should have the right to a timeless high-quality interior regardless of their form of housing or situation in life,” says Interior Architect Maija Rasila from Finnish Design Shop.

All the products included in the sets are available online at Finnish Design Shop, and most of them are in stock.

Particularly two aspects influenced the choice of furniture: quick delivery times and good availability. All the products included in the sets are available online at Finnish Design Shop, and most of them are in stock. Many of the products are also available in several colors, which helps in creating an interior that reflects the resident’s personal style.

Sera Helsinki Laine rug woven, off white
In the Joo Urban set, Sera Helsinki’s Laine rug helps to separate the living and dining areas. The Nakki sofa from Would is accompanied by the curved, wooden Kolho lounge chair from Made by Choice. The Harbour Column dining table and Co chairs are from Menu, and the Model 2065 pendant from Astep.

Easy does it – also when decorating a new home

When it comes to decorating a small apartment, Rasila recommends opting for slender furniture and grouping furniture into clear sets and leaving some free space around them. In a small home, versatile furniture, such as Artek’s classic Aalto stools, are extremely useful, whereas textiles, houseplants, and small objects can be used for adding personal touches.

Young people moving on their own for the first time should also remember to prioritize and take it slow – it is not necessary to get everything at once. In fact, it can often be more rewarding to get the desired objects one at a time.

“I always recommend investing in the most important pieces of furniture that are used on a daily basis.”

“I always recommend investing in the most important pieces of furniture that are used on a daily basis. Seats and lamps are a good place to start, as poor quality is often more evident in them and they need to be functional. It is easier to find suitable tables and storage furniture on a budget, without having to compromise on the ease of use or durability,” continues Rasila.

Reeta Ek Bridesmaid art print
The Joo Classic style is based on soft lines and subtle tones. Reeta Ek’s Bridesmaid art print adds a pop of color to the bedroom.
Hem Palo 2-seater sofa with armrests, beige
The Joo Classic living room is furnished with Hem’s Palo sofa, Warm Nordic’s The Orange lounge chair, and &Tradition’s Lato coffee table. The Mantis floor lamp by DCW éditions and the Pond mirror by ferm LIVING add to the calm ambiance. The dining area features Tradition’s In Between table, GUBI’s Beetle chairs, and Menu’s Levitate pendant.

From the point of view of sustainability, investing in high-quality furniture that fits your style and values, as well as buying second-hand furniture, are much better choices than making compromises and purchasing items of lower quality.

“Instead of resorting to temporary solutions, I recommend saving money and waiting until you can buy the item you really want. It’s also a good idea to utilize recycling and pre-used furniture – flea markets are great places to make amazing finds!”

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Text: Nora Uotila Photos: Esa Kapila Modeling: Unrealer

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