Making meals memorable: 8 tips for delightful dining room furniture

The dining area brings together family and friends for festive feasts, everyday meals and board game marathons. We selected 8 beautiful and practical design gems from our collection that will ensure comfort, convenience, and ambience for years to come!

HAY J77 chair
HAY's spindle back chairs are based on products originally designed for the Danish consumer co-op FDB. The paper lamps are also by HAY.

Democratic design

HAY's J77 spindle chairs uniquely combine classic design and Nordic philosophy. Designed by Fålke Pålsson and made of beech, the dining chair is part of HAY's furniture series, relaunched in 2011, based on products designed for the Danish consumer co-op FDB. FDB started furniture production in 1940 with the aim of bringing to market high-quality furniture produced according to democratic principles and accessible to everyone.

The J77 chair, with a wide seat and sturdy backrest, is available in several natural shades.

J77 spindle-back chairs >
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J104 chair,
slate blue
J41 chair,
J42 chair,
dark oiled oak
J110 chair,
Vaarnii dining table 001
Vaarnii's dining table and dining chairs are made of pine, which is still gaining popularity. The furniture's soft wooden surface becomes even more characterful with time and use.

Back to basics

The rectangular Vaarnii 001 dining table celebrates Finnish pine and traditional carpentry with its robust design. Swedish designer Fredrik Paulsen wanted to prominently showcase how and from what parts the table is made, allowing the natural, almost psychedelic grain patterns of pine to shine on large surfaces. Each dining table is a unique individual, whose soft wood surface becomes even more characterful with time and the marks of life.

001 dining table >
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Audo Copenhagen
Bookmatch table
Farmhouse table
Design House Stockholm
Flip table
Carl Hansen & Søn PK1-tuoli
Named after its designer, Poul Kjærholm, the PK1 chair is made of steel and hand-woven paper cord.

A corded classic

Carl Hansen & Søn's PK1 chair masterfully combines functional design, natural materials, and Danish craftsmanship. Introduced in 1955, the chair was one of designer Poul Kjærholm's breakthrough works and remains a prime example of the unpretentious aesthetics of Danish modernism. The PK1 chair's slender frame is made of steel, and the seat is handwoven from paper cord – it takes a skilled craftsman about 15 work hours to produce one chair. The lightweight dining chairs are easy to move aside for cleaning, and their stackable design makes them convenient extra chairs for guests.

PK1 chair >
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Normann Copenhagen
Just Chair
Fiber chair
Troy chair
Touchwood chair
Northern Expand dining table
The Expand table by Northern looks light even when extended to its full length. The table was designed by Sami Kallio.

Bringing big joy

Even a larger group can comfortably gather 'round the Northern Expand dining table – with separately sold extension pieces, the table's length can be increased up to three meters! Designed by Sami Kallio, the dining table is finished with rounded edges and narrow, slightly slanted legs, giving the piece a light appearance even when extended to its full length. The natural shade of oiled oak harmonizes beautifully with various styles of chairs and table settings.

Expand dining table >
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No 2.1 table
SJL table
Tapio Anttila Collection
Jat-ko 135/195
Carl Hansen & Søn
CH337 table
Lundia Moments display cabinet
Lundia's Moments display cabinet is made from slow-growth pine, ensuring that it will securely showcase your dishes for generations to come.

Hidden in plain sight

Lundia's Moments display cabinet invites jars, cups, and cookbooks to become part of the decor. Durable and eco-friendly pine shelves can support even heavy items, and favorite dishes delight behind glass doors even when not in use. Brass handles sparkle stylishly against the striking matte black ensemble. The versatile Moments vitrine's merits are not limited to the dining area, as it offers, like other Lundia Classic series shelves, spacious settings for all kinds of home storage needs from the kitchen to the children's room.

Moments display cabinet >
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Haze cabinet
FDB Møbler
A90 Boderne cabinet
Colour Cabinet cabinet
Trace Double cabinet
Artek 91 table
A round dining table brings people closer together. Artek's table 91 features Alvar Aalto's famous L-legs, while the 611 chairs are complemented by a saddle belt seat.

For smaller circles

Artek's round Table 91 creates a relaxed and cozy atmosphere in the dining area. Designed by Alvar Aalto in 1935, the dining table is finished with the famous L-legs, representing one of the era's most groundbreaking furniture production innovations. Made of domestic solid birch and easy-care laminate, the table is extremely durable and beautifully ages over the decades. Assemble a harmonious dining group with Aalto's L-leg chairs around the table or boldly pair it with more modern chairs.

Table 91 >
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First table
Loop Stand table
In Between SK4 table
Hven table
Vitra Eames Plastic Chair
The Vitra Eames Plastic Chair series includes chairs with metal legs (DSR) as well as those with wooden legs (DSW). The Wire Chair features a metal seat.

Ergonomic elegance

Vitra's iconic Eames DSR chairs appeal from generation to generation, and rightly so – the ergonomically shaped polypropylene seat is extremely comfortable, and the supporting geometric metal grid base adds fascinating contrast to the overall design. Designed by the designer duo Charles and Ray Eames in the 1950s, the seat was originally made of fiberglass and was the world's first industrially produced plastic chair.

DSR stands for Dining Height Side Chair Rod Base, as the chair is specifically designed for dining table height. In 2015, Vitra fine-tuned the classic chairs by raising them a few centimeters to better suit modern heights.

Eames DSR chair >
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pale rose - chrome
mustard - chrome
DSR Fiberglass,
classic red - chrome
Warm Nordic Be My Guest bar cabinet
The doors and frame of the Be My Guest bar cabinet are made of rattan.

Elegant assistant

Warm Nordic's Be My Guest bar cabinet is not only a sophisticated design element but also a practical storage solution for cocktail enthusiasts' collections, dishes, or even vases, candle holders, and other table decorations. Designed by Charlotte Høncke, the charmingly vintage-inspired bar cabinet consists of a rattan cabinet part supported by a slender, black-painted metal frame. The oval-shaped oak top is perfect for serving drinks or as a base for plants, books, and beautiful decorative arrangements.

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Array sideboard
Gabin sideboard
Petit Bastone sideboard
Design House Copenhagen
Air sideboard

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