Avotakka’s picks for creating a cozy holiday atmosphere: “Every festive decor could do with a bit of green”

Producer Arja Kuittinen picked feel-good products in Finnish Design Shop’s selection for creating the perfect holiday atmosphere. In this column, Avotakka’s editorial staff talk about design items and interior solutions that work great in their own homes.

Uyuni Lighting  LED pillar candle, 7,8 x 10 cm, rustic texture, dusty rose
The LED candle is safe and looks deceptively authentic!

No flames, no danger

As much as I love real candlelight, I think that LED candles are an ingenious invention. With LED candles, there’s no need to watch like a hawk whether the candles start smoking or candle wax dripping. What I’m particularly happy about is that now also colorful LED candles have entered the market alongside white ones. Even the surface of the LED candle, which flickers like a real candle, is covered in candle wax!

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Myssyfarmi  Muffi KnitKit for beanie, Seppä, ochre yellow
With Myssyfarmi's KnitKit, you can make your own wool beanie in no time.

Beanie to protect from freezing

The faint clinking of knitting needles creates the perfect pre-holiday atmosphere. It’s been a while since I last took up knitting, but I think I could always manage one beanie – especially if I had a Myssyfarmi knitting kit, complete with detailed instructions. After seeing what I’ve created, I could decide whether to give the beanie as a gift or not.

Myssyfarmi's knitting kit >
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Røros Tweed  Isak throw, 150 x 210 cm, green meadow
Røros Tweed's Isak throw was designed by the Norwegian duo Anderssen & Voll.

Green details

Every festive decor could do with a bit of green, and the Isak throw is perfect for that purpose. Thanks to its two-toned color and relaxed fringes, the throw looks both adorably traditional and modern at the same time. The checkered pattern is also quite trendy at the moment. All I need to know now is do I really need to come out from under the throw at some point?

Røros Tweed's Isak throw >
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“All I need to know now is do I really need to come out from under the throw at some point?”​​​​​​​

Klaus Haapaniemi & Co.  Running Fox cushion cover, linen-cotton
The Running Fox cushion cover features a bright red fox among detailed flora.

Fox as red as Rudolph’s nose

My friends have always loved the small surprises I’ve hidden in the decor of my home. This year, the red fox designed by Klaus Haapaniemi might also greet visitors at the holiday home, and the cushion would add a nice splash of color to an otherwise light interior. The Running Fox cushion cover is made of a blend of cotton and linen.

Klaus Haapaniemi's The Running Fox cushion cover >
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Alessi  Plissé electric kettle, 1 L, green
The Plissé kettle has a unique surface texture that resembles pleated fabric.

Sculptural kettle

I still haven’t gotten around to getting an electric kettle, even though it would be such a handy helper. The Plissé electric kettle reminds me of past pleated skirts, which is no wonder, as the design is said to be inspired by the world of fashion. The dark green kettle would also create a warm atmosphere after the holidays and, of course, go perfectly with a toaster from the same collection.

Alessi's Plissé kettle >
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Vitra  Uten.Silo, red
Vitra’s Uten.Silo is a beautiful and practical storage unit for small items.

A place for everything, everything in its place

Could I ask Santa for a dream gift, since I’ve been extra nice? The item I’ve been dreaming of is Vitra’s Uten.Silo storage unit, which would have a place for everything. It’s also quite heartwarming how much the storage unit resembles the way my father used to store his tools on a wall. Dorothee Becker designed Uten.Silo around the same time as my father designed his storage solution. I wonder whether one was influenced by the other?

Vitra's Uten.Silo I >
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Arja Kuittinen Avotakka

Arja Kuittinen is Avotakka’s producer whose favorite holiday pastimes include listening to Bach’s Christmas Oratorio under a soft throw in mood lighting.

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Text: Arja Kuittinen Images: Manufacturers

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