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Infuse your space with the elegance of designer cushion covers and the minimalist charm of Scandinavian cushion covers. Many cushion covers are machine-washable, and when not in use, they are easy to store without taking up much space. You can also find inner cushions for your new cushion covers from our selection.

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A canvas of comfort: The art of designer cushion covers

At Finnish Design Shop, we embrace the essence of Nordic design with our curated selection of designer cushion covers. From Scandinavian cushion covers to modern throw covers, each piece resonates with minimalism, functionality and timeless beauty. Step into a realm where comfort blends with creativity, and each cushion cover serves as more than mere fabric – it's a canvas brimming with possibilities to redefine your space.

If you're looking to find the ideal plumpness and support for your new cushion covers, our selection of inner cushions ensures your comfort is never compromised!

A spotlight on Nordic cushion covers

Explore our curated selection of Nordic cushion covers, where every pattern, texture, and color tells its own tale of the Scandinavian design ethos. Here are some well-known Finnish cushion covers from our collection:

Artek cushion covers feature clean lines and geometric patterns, embodying the simplicity and functionalism of classic Finnish design.
Johanna Gullichsen cushion covers blend traditional weaving techniques with modern spirit, creating a tactile and visually engaging esthetic.
Klaus Haapaniemi cushion covers are known for their mystical and folklore-inspired designs, infusing spaces with a touch of Nordic art deco.
Marimekko cushion covers are renowned for their bold prints and vibrant colors, encapsulating the brand's philosophy of joy and boldness in everyday life.

5 ways to use cushion covers in home decor

1. Add a pop of color: Modern cushion covers with a vibrant hue can instantly enliven a space.

2. Introduce texture: Natural materials like linen and cotton add a tactile dimension, enhancing the cozy feel of a room.

3. Pattern play: Mix geometric, floral, and abstract cushion cover designs to create visual interest and depth.

4. Sizes and proportions: Pair large throw pillow covers with smaller cushion cases, and square cushion covers with rectangular ones for a functional and dynamic setup.

5. Embrace the seasons: From the warmth of summer to the coziness of the holidays, swap your cushion covers for a quick seasonal makeover.

What materials work best for cushion covers?

The choice of material is crucial when selecting cushion covers, as it sets the tone for your decor's esthetic and tactile experience. Our assortment consists of high-quality natural materials, including:

Cotton cushion covers: Soft, breathable, and easy to care for, cotton covers are a staple in any home.
Linen cushion covers: Exuding rustic elegance and a cool, natural texture, linen brings a piece of Nordic tranquility into your space.
Silk cushion covers: Silk cushion cases add a layer of luxury and sophistication, with their smooth texture and lustrous finish enhancing the decor.
Velvet cushion covers: Ideal for adding depth and a touch of drama, velvet throw covers are synonymous with richness and comfort.

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Embark on a deeper exploration of cushion cover styling and trends in our online magazine, Design Stories. Whether you're looking for accent pillow covers, washable cushion covers or abstract throw pillow designs, Design Stories articles provide a wealth of information to guide and inspire you.

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