Ask the Customer Service: “How can I easily brighten up the interior of the children’s room?”

The children’s room interior is easy to update, and there are also actual design products for children, such as Eero Aarnio’s Puppy. This Design Stories column provides answers to questions by design lovers.

Magis  Puppy, L, green
Designed by Eero Aarnio, Puppy withstands children’s play both indoors and outdoors. Convenient wall-mounted Lego Brick shelves are manufactured by Room Copenhagen.

WHEN THE INTERIOR OF THE HOME is carefully thought out, the children’s room is also often decorated with products by favorite brands. Finnish Design Shop offers a wide selection of products for the smallest family members, including furniture, tableware, textiles and toys. In our online store, the products designed for children are conveniently available as a separate product category.

This Design Stories column provides answers to popular questions, which may be helpful and inspirational to others, as well. Miina Lindblad from Finnish Design Shop’s customer service team answers the questions.

How can I easily brighten up the interior of the children’s room?

“It’s not always possible to change the wallpaper or repaint the walls, let alone get all new furniture. Often a small change is enough – you can easily update the children’s room interior with textiles, posters, storage products or interesting lamps, for example. When you have the basics down, all it takes are a few, playful interior objects to give the space some color and character.

If there are objects without a proper place, Muuto’s Dots Wood coat hooks are perfect for increasing the amount of storage space on the wall – and the smallest Dots hooks can even be used as drawer pulls.

Room Copenhagen’s playful and colorful Lego wall hangers and storage bricks are sure to receive a warm welcome in both the children’s room and the home office. Noteboards, on the other hand, make everyday life easier and can be used in learning letters and numbers. Kotonadesign’s Moon is an exciting combination of a noteboard and a wall lamp that casts a soft light.

“When decorating a children’s room, it’s a good idea to select products that grow along with the child.”

When decorating a children’s room, it’s a good idea to select products that grow along with the child. A good example of such a product is the String Furniture shelving system, which can be modified and extended endlessly as the child grows from a toddler to a school-goer. When you’re looking for color and playfulness, Montana’s shelving modules are the choice for you.

In our online store, children’s products are available as a separate product category. If you need help finding the right products or designing a children’s room, our knowledgeable customer service is happy to help you.”

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Does Eero Aarnio’s Puppy withstand play?

Puppy, manufactured by Italian Magis, makes for a cheerful detail for the children’s room – or any room, for that matter! It is often used as a playful interior element in living rooms or as a cheerful detail in public spaces. Since the products in the playful Me Too collection by Magis are designed for children between the ages of 3 and 6, the sculptural Puppy is more than suitable for play and use as a seat by the smallest family members.

Puppy is made of durable polyethylene, so it withstands weather fluctuations and thus also outdoor use. It should, however, be noted that the surface may get scratched. Puppy can be cleaned by wiping it with a damp cloth and mild detergent. In the words of Eero Aarnio, a chair is a chair... but a seat doesn’t have to be a chair.”

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Is there design furniture available in children’s size?

“Yes, there is! Many manufacturers provide furniture designed for children. For example, Artek, Stolab and Fritz Hansen offer their classic chairs in smaller sizes. Artek’s children’s chair N65 is sturdy and looks beautiful around small tables. Stolab’s Lilla Åland and Fritz Hansen’s Series 7 Junior chair, on the other hand, give children the opportunity to sit around the same table as adults by offering them smaller versions of their popular chairs.

“Since the beginning, Nofred has made beautiful and functional furniture that meets the needs of children.”

Nofred, which manufactures lovely, eco-friendly furniture, specializes in children’s furniture. Since the beginning, the company has made beautiful and functional furniture that meets the needs of children. The design is playful and modern, and the products can also be used outside the children’s room as part of the decor of the rest of the home. As the child grows, the low children’s chair can be updated to the Mouse junior chair, which gives the child the opportunity to sit at the dining table at the same level as the grown-ups. Thanks to the adjustable footrest, the chair, in a way, grows with the child.

It’s also worth taking a look at the pre-owned children’s furniture available at Franckly – or putting any children’s furniture no longer in use on sale there!”

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Finnish Design Shop Customer Service

Miina Lindblad works as a design sales representative in Finnish Design Shop’s Customer Service team. Her design treasures include a self-designed lamp based on an old spinning wheel, and underneath it, her latest acquisition, Artek’s Trienna table.

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Text: Miina Lindblad Illustration: Evi Rinkinen

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