This gorgeous Helsinki home is packed with design classics & auction finds

The beautifully decorated home of Jenny and Santeri Carlsson is really easy on the eyes. The apartment, located in a semi-detached house in Pakila, Helsinki, has a calm and cozy atmosphere.

Artek  Aalto chair 611, birch - natural/black webbing
The dining set is the heart of this home. It is used for dining, working as well as for arts and crafts. The 83 table and 611 chairs are designed by Alvar Aalto and manufactured by Artek, whereas the Akari 75A pendant is designed by Isamu Noguchi and manufactured by Vitra.

IN THE PAST, Jenny, Santeri and their three children moved home frequently. By owning, renting and renovating apartments, they have gained a great deal of experience in different forms of housing, as well as different working methods and materials. Living in several rental apartments has made it clear that they want to live in a detached or semi-detached house that provides peace and privacy.

Jenny and Santeri were lucky enough to find this modern, new home located in Pakila, Helsinki, near the area where they used to live and buy it for themselves straight away. Now they are in no rush to leave this home.

The family likes living close to nature, where it is green and spacious. It is important to them that their home is located next to a forest. Perhaps partly on a subconscious level, Jenny and Santeri have selected several shades of green for the interior. The numerous house plants also bring nature in.

Inno  Julie chair, matt lacquered ash
There are no top cabinets above the countertop. Instead, there is a window with a calming view. The chair at the end of the table is Julie, designed by Julie Tolvanen for Inno. The ceramic vase is by Riikka Piippo.
&Tradition  Fly SC1 armchair, smoked oak - Hot Madison 094
The white open kitchen is part of the lounge area. &Tradition's plush Fly SC1 armchair provides a comfortable place for lounging. The black Eiffel Single wall lamp is by Frama.
Marimekko Oiva Tonkka pitcher
Beautiful everyday items on the kitchen shelves, such as Ulla Procopé’s GA teapot, Kaj Franck’s pitcher, Harri Koskinen’s Oma pitcher and Marimekko’s Tonkka pitcher, delight the family every day.
Artek  Kaari wall shelf REB 009, black - oak
Two of the living-room walls are painted in Cover Story’s shade Agatha. Artek’s Kaari wall shelf displays Jenny’s treasures. The wooden doll is by Vitra. The Palkki vase designed by Helena Tynell was the first item the couple bought at an auction.

Even though the home is in a house completed in 2020, it does not have that slightly “soulless” feel of a newly built apartment. The understated, light-colored surface materials and the modern look of the house provide a peaceful background for creating an interior that reflects the residents’ style. During the short period that the family has lived in the house, they have changed the place of the bedrooms, but otherwise everyone has settled in well.

Various similar shades and natural materials give the interior a soft and timeless look.

The combined kitchen, dining area and living room, as well as the children’s rooms, utility room, bathroom, sauna and toilet are all located downstairs. The spacious master bedroom is located upstairs, under a pitched roof. Upstairs, there is also one empty low-ceiling room that currently serves as a storage space for Jenny’s props.

Oluce  Atollo 238 table lamp, gold
The old Lundia cabinet is painted in shade 1727 by Teknos. The golden Atollo table lamp by Oluce is one of the few items that were bought new.
Artek  Aalto day bed 710
Jenny and Santeri are still looking for a new, soft sofa that has room for the entire family. In the meanwhile, Artek’s Aalto day bed 710 and stool offer seating. The ceramic piece of art on the wall is by Armi Teva.
Artek  Aalto tea trolley 901, black - birch
Artek’s Aalto 901 tea trolley was purchased at an auction. The Vakka plywood box is by Iittala. The couple’s latest auction find is Kukkapuro’s vintage floor lamp, manufactured by Haimi.
Artek  Aalto stool 60, black linoleum
The linen-colored Riihitie plant pot by Artek was part of Finnish Design Shop's special anniversary collection. The large rubber tree is a flea-market find. The Aalto stool 60 is by Artek, Helios tube cushion by Johanna Gullichsen.

JENNY AND SANTERI are passionate collectors, which is reflected in the interior of their home. Each room is furnished and decorated beautifully, and all the small items fit in perfectly. The last modifications were made when Jenny found the right places for the paintings and pictures.

“We’ve always liked visiting auctions and flea markets. When our girls were little, I used to take them with me to flea markets so that Jenny could enjoy some me-time. Many of the pieces of furniture we own have been with us for a long time. Nowadays, because of work and our busy everyday life, we don’t have time to visit flea markets that often anymore. But now that we basically have all that we need, we can concentrate on finding particular products that we’ve been dreaming of for a long time, such as Yrjö Kukkapuro’s lamp for our living room,” says the couple.

HAY  Palissade armchair, sky grey
On the sheltered patio behind the house, there is HAY’s Palissade dining set that features the same white color as the facade of the house. The customized white color is not in the standard collection.

“During our holidays, we have more time to tour flea markets as a family, and our children are also deft at making finds for themselves. The best flea markets are located outside the capital region, they have a versatile selection.”

Jenny and Santeri are passionate collectors. The interior design hobby and homes turned into a profession for both.

The couple turned the experience gained by living in several homes and having interior design as a hobby into professions for both, as Santeri trained to become a real estate agent and Jenny started styling and taking photographs of the sites Santeri aims to sell. Together, they prepare and photograph several sites a week for sale. They like working together, as they both are visual persons with an eye for beauty.

Vitra  Plywood Group LCM lounge chair, black - chrome
The oldest of the daughters, Åsa, can retreat to the privacy of her own room next to the living room. The old cabinet is painted in shade H611 by Tikkurila. The lounge chair is Vitra’s Plywood Group LCM. The wall is painted in Cover Story’s shade Pablo.
Johanna Gullichsen  Nereus cushion cover, lead
The parents’ bedroom has a calm atmosphere. Marimekko’s Tiiliskivi throw and cushion and Johanna Gullichsen’s Nereus cushion all feature a shade of green.
Nemo Lighting  Lampe de Marseille Mini wall lamp, white
Collaboratorio’s Cubile bed is perfect for a room with such a low ceiling height. The LTR Occasional by Vitra doubles as a night stand, and the Lamp de Marseille Mini wall lamp is by Nemo Lighting.
Vitra  L'Oiseau ceramic bird, ivory matt
The picture on top of the Lundia chest of drawers is Jenny’s version of Helene Schjerfbeck’s self-portrait. The ceramic bird whistle designed by Musuta is from Artek, and the other bird is L’Oiseau designed by Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec for Vitra. The gray rug is a sample piece by Finarte.
Lundia  Lofty bunk bed
The younger daughters, 10-year-old Bea and 7-year-old Ava, share a room. The Lofty bunk bed and the old chest of drawers are both by Lundia. The stool is COMPANY’s Mushroom Stool. The lamp on the ceiling is Doctor Design’s Vuolle.
Artek  Aalto wall shelf 112B, white
Artek's white table, stool and 112B wall shelf form a school desk set. Vitra’s Wire Chair DKR and the lamp are vintage. The wooden animals are by COMPANY.

This home is decorated with beautiful, natural colors. Jenny and Santeri’s favorite materials include linen, wool and wood, which is also evident when looking at the interior of their home. Various shades of green add splashes of color here and there.

“I really like old furniture and objects, as well as different species of wood and natural colors. In my work as a stylist, I often use objects from our home, such as textured baskets, wooden cutting boards and vases. I love spending time at home and want it to have a calming atmosphere to balance off the hustle and bustle of everyday life,” concludes Jenny.

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Plywood Group LCM lounge chair
Nemo Lighting
Lampe de Marseille Mini
Fly SC1 armchair
Cover Story
Agatha interior paint
Wooden doll 18
Atollo table lamp
Aalto chair 611
Cover Story
Pablo interior paint

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Text: Piia Kalliomäki Images: Pauliina Salonen

This story was originally published in the Asun magazine's issue 35.

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