Roosa and her family have the atrium house of their dreams: “It feels like we’re finally at home”

Now the architectural and elegant atrium building in Espoo is no longer just a house, but a home. Timeless materials, design furniture and a dash of blue provide a calm setting for family life. To make things just perfect, there is also a swimming pool.

Artek Zebra cushion cover
Large windows bring light into the living room of the atrium house. The round window is a thoughtful detail. The Zebra cushion cover is from Artek.

LOCATED IN ESPOO, Finland, the wooden house with an atrium is becoming a cozy home for a family of five. Roosa Pohjola and her family had the home built exactly to their wishes. Thanks to the experience gained from the two previous detached houses built for the family, they not only knew different construction and interior design materials but also their own taste, so for this home, it was easy to reach the best possible result with the first try.

Roosa Pohjola with her children
Felix, Luka and Stella with their mother on the sofa in their new home.

Right from the start, Roosa had a clear vision of what the house of their dreams would look like, and that there would be even more different surface materials than before. She also wanted the house to be interesting as is, even without furniture. Now the architecture accentuates the large windows, sweeping views and window frames made of pine, not to mention the folding and interior doors and beautiful slatting.

Flos 265 wall lamp
The 265 wall lamp by Flos, which Roosa had been dreaming of for a long time, now occupies a perfect spot by the back wall of the living room. The Chill ottoman by Sika-Design is from Franckly.
Artek Tank chair in the living room
The family likes spending time in the living room. The comfortable seating group consists of Adea’s Origami sofa and Artek’s Aalto armchair 400 and Karuselli lounge chair, both bought for the previous home.
Karuselli chair
Yrjö Kukkapuro's Karuselli chair is one of the family's favorite seats in the home. The impressively large The Togo poster, which goes perfectly with the home’s color palette, was designed by Hanna Peterson and purchased from The Poster Club.
Artek wall shelves
The Artek 112B wall shelves in the family room are vintage. The folding doors are made by Joroisten Taiteovi, and they can be used to close the space to get some peace and quiet.

THE POOL WAS a must-have for Roosa’s spouse and the sheltered atrium for Roosa. An adorable round window and an architectural, 70s style vibe were also on the family’s wish list. The large windows of the house overlook the quieter side of the building; the courtyard and swimming pool. On the side of the yard covered in asphalt, the facade is closed.

Architect Riinamari Fagerström from Studio Rosberg created the final drawings based on the family’s wishes. The house makes efficient use of the available square area. The 146-square-meter house and 24-square-meter outdoor sauna, connected by a patio, form a compact whole on the plot, along with a spacious carport and a small garden. The atrium is perfected by a stunning swimming pool, which is used almost all year round.

The atrium is perfected by a stunning swimming pool, which is used almost all year round.

“We wanted to maximize the square footage in the common areas of the house, which is why we kept the bedrooms relatively small and made the living room and dining area larger. We’d always wanted a house with a lounge area that’s really big and spacious, since that’s where the guests also spend time. The house is made more practical by the mudroom leading straight to the utility room and storage space for outerwear, also keeping everyday clutter away from our stylish home,” points out Roosa.

Outdoor swimming pool
The swimming pool and sauna are in heavy use. When the patio was being built, a cover was constructed for the swimming pool. When the cover is closed, the patio has a large, uniform surface that is easy to use.
Hay Palissade outdoor furniture
Someone had painted HAY’s Palissade outdoor furniture in Mediterranean blue. They are a second-hand find.

THE INTERIOR HAS been created slowly and with care. Roosa has loved interior decoration since she was a little girl, and she has followed the “simple is beautiful” philosophy learned from her mother in the decoration of the entire house. The spaces are not congested but have room for lounging, playing and moving about. In terms of size, the rooms are sensible and practical. The colors in the home are natural, calm and harmonious, including various shades of brown, sand and off-white.

No temporary solutions have been used in the interior. Instead, all the items are of high quality.

No temporary solutions have been used in the interior. Instead, all the items are of high quality. Roosa follows Finnish design with a keen eye and draws inspiration from practically anywhere: cafés, interior design shops, interior design events and fairs, magazines, the internet and Instagram. She can find attractive color or material combinations anywhere. For her, it is a big plus if the object or material is Finnish.

“I’m an admirer. I can draw a great deal of inspiration by just looking at skillfully made design. I don’t buy any object without knowing where to put it. Objects must also evoke positive feelings in me. Home is an important place for us and to me, it’s particularly important that everything looks harmonious and everyone feels good. I may take a liking to items and things that are very different from each other, but every time I’ve ended up making a purchase, I’ve noticed at home that the object I’ve just bought completes the whole,” describes Roosa.

Nikari Perch bar stool
The round kitchen window also inspired the use of round shapes in the kitchen itself. Roosa wanted a floating cabinet on the back wall and a kitchen peninsula with rounded edges. The Perch bar stool is by Nikari.
Siro+ chair, oak
The Siro+ chairs by Woodnotes were already purchased for the previous home. Roosa fell in love with the chairs in oak, which gave her the idea to start using more natural colors in the interior instead of just black and white.
Alessi Plissé toaster
The Plissé toaster and kettle by Alessi can be concealed behind the cabinet doors.
Plissé electric kettle by Alessi
Roosa hoped for a more unique look for the kitchen, which was achieved with a terrazzo countertop. The Plissé electric kettle is by Alessi.
Artek Domus chair
Kuja Studio provided the oak dining table as well as the custom-made storage bench, with a seat upholstered in fabric designed by Johanna Gullichsen. Artek’s Domus chair, upholstered in the Zebra fabric, is a second-hand find.

THIS IS FINALLY a home where the family plans to live for a longer time. In the future, the home will feature more crafts and art. The serene color palette would go wonderfully with colorful art, and Roosa is currently thinking about different splashes of color and dreaming of buying art by illustrator Eija Vehviläinen. At some point, the living room will be adorned with a rug – once Roosa finds the right one. Roosa has also been thinking about getting a stool to accompany the Karuselli lounge chair designed by Yrjö Kukkapuro.

“Home means peace and quiet and having control over things. Our home is a safe haven.”

“Looking at our home makes it clear that I’m interested in interior decoration. Things are for use. I like keeping our home tidy and in order, and it’s never that messy. I like spending time at home, and to me, home is a place where I can express myself and make exactly the decisions that I want. Home means peace and quiet and having control over things. Our home is a safe haven and tells a lot about us. The best moments I’ve experienced at home were the ones just after moving in. The feeling of finally being home was unforgettable”, says Roosa.

Oak cabinets in the hallway
The cabinet doors are made of oak. The pulls are a beautiful detail and go well with the adjacent slatted oak wall made by a carpenter. The Cutter folding chair and shelf are by Skagerak.
Artek A910 wall lamp
The hall is illuminated by Artek A910 wall lights.
Lampe de Marseille Mini wall lamp, white
The Chill lounge chair by Sika-Design was bought from Franckly. The Lampe de Marseille Mini wall lamp is by Nemo Lighting.
Pukkila Natura tiles in the bathroom
The 1970s style floor tiles in the house are from Pukkila’s Natura collection. The brown-colored tiles in the lounge area by the sauna were laid in a herringbone pattern on the floor and straight on the wall.
A bathroom with a Tapwell shower
The Frammenti tiles in the bathroom are from Laattaleevi and the striped glass shower screen was provided by JVG Laseja. The tap and shower are by Tapwell.

According to Roosa, important people and everyday moments at home bring a sense of happiness. “I’m at my happiest when everyday life runs smoothly and our home functions the way it should. When the whole family is home, doing things alone and together. A moment of pure happiness would be one with the smell of burning wood, heating the sauna while the children are swimming. The sliding door in the living room would be open, and everyone would just be going back and forth, enjoying the moment. Another moment of pure happiness could be one when we have friends over, spending the day with us. The best thing about this home is having a wonderful environment and all the important people there.”

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Siro+ dining chair
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Lampe de Marseille Mini

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Text: Piia Kalliomäki Images: Pauliina Salonen

Featured products may not be available worldwide. This story was originally published in the Asun magazine’s issue 3/2023.

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