New from String Furniture: Outdoor shelving and additions to String System

String Furniture's spring 2021 novelties include functional storage solutions for the home office and outdoor kitchen, and a whole lot more. See our picks from the new selection!

String System
String System shelving will expand with a media shelf and a cabinet with a swing door. The Museum side table, on the right, was launched last fall.

STRING FURNITURE’S new products in the spring of 2021 add lush greens to your life in the form of a new shade for String Pocket as well as a metal shelf suitable for outdoor use. In addition, new practical parts are added to the String System shelving system, and an old award-winning shelf makes a return to the collection. The new products will be available at Finnish Design Shop this spring.

String System
The cabinet fits the 30 cm side panels and its door can be mounted either on the left or right side.

Hiding behind the door

The String System shelving system will get a much-needed addition: a cabinet. Previously, the series did include a cabinet with a sliding door, but this version comes with a regular swing door that can be mounted on either side of the cabinet as preferred, making the cabinet an excellent solution for kitchen storage problems, for example. Also intended for the kitchen are the new add-ons made of cork: a tray for wine bottles and a shelf divider and underlay for cutlery.

String System
The new additions also include handy add-ons to the shelves, like the wine bottle tray made of cork.
String System
The cabinet is made in Sweden.

String System
The String System media shelf was created for a vinyl record player. However, the shelf can be used for a variety of other purposes, should you not be a vinyl devotee.

Entertainment center

Despite its straightforward name, the String System media shelf is a very versatile addition to the collection. The shelf has an opening in the back for cables, so it is, indeed, suitable for music players and other media devices, but it can also be used as a desk or as a storage shelf for a coffee maker or other gadgets in the kitchen. The shelf was designed by Swedish designers Anna von Schewen and Björn Dahlström.

String System
The media shelf features a slot for cables and cords so that you don't need to worry about them being pinched between the shelf and the wall.
String System
The shelf also doubles as a small desk. The extension cord is from Avolt.

String System
The String System outdoor shelf unit is made of steel.

Outdoor kitchen storage

Dahlström and von Schewen have also designed a free-standing metal shelf suitable for outdoor use. As such, the steel shelf is perfect for a small balcony, for example, but when combined into a larger system, it makes for great storage furniture for a summer cottage, terrace or outdoor kitchen in the garden.

String System
The free-standing shelf fits many a purpose in the garden.
String System
As is the case for the entire String System, the outdoor shelf can be extended to suit your needs.

String Pocket
String Pocket will be introduced in a new sage green hue.

Going green

The popular String Pocket shelf gets a new look with a brand-new hue, sage. The beautiful shade of green evokes images of lush forests and verdant landscapes – the sage-green shelf gives the interior a dose of natural harmony and peace. The practical shelf can be mounted anywhere in the home.

String Pocket
The popular wall shelf can be used for basically anything.
String Pocket
The gray-green shade makes one think of the serenity and crisp, clear air of Nordic forests.

Cell shelf by String Furniture
The Cell shelf, originally designed in 2005, will be relaunched this spring.

WFH functionality

The Cell shelf, designed by Peter Cohen in 2005, makes a comeback to the collection. The airy shelving unit whose slender metal wires resemble a beaded necklace is easy to envision in a home office or craft room or even as a distinctive bookcase in the living room. The Cell shelf comes with seven shelves, but it can be expanded by adding so-called B-sections to the right side of the shelf.

Cell shelf by String Furniture
The Cell shelf was designed by Swedish Peter Cohen who is also known as a writer and film director.
Cell shelf by String Furniture
Instead of String's signature side panels, the Cell shelf is characterized by wires that look like strings of beads.

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