Avotakka’s picks for home office: “An ergonomic office chair is worth its weight in gold”

In Design Stories’ new column, the editorial staff of the Finnish interior design magazine Avotakka will share their favorite products and best home decor tips. The series begins with interior journalist Anna Aromaa who picked six products to update her home office.

Made by Choice: Fem desk

1. Time to stand up

“I work a lot at home, and in the mornings, the mere thought of sitting at a computer often feels exhausting. I like to work standing to save my back. However, I don’t want an ergonomic yet dull-looking electric desk, as I don’t have a separate room for working. So far, my solution has been a stack of shoeboxes, on which I set my laptop. Functional, but by no means aesthetic. After finishing work, I’ve carried the whole stack into the closet.

The Fem desk by Made by Choice solves my desktop problems at once. You can use the cozy wooden table either sitting or standing. The desk has a detachable shelf that can be used as a back panel or upper shelf, on which the laptop can be placed when standing. The Fem desks are available in untreated birch, matt-lacquered ash, and oak. I adore light, wooden surfaces, so my favorite is the ash version.”

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Muuto: Fiber chair

2. Streamlined office chair

“Despite the standing desk, however, I don’t want to stand at the computer all day. I used to have an old, swaying Thonet chair as an office chair for a long time, and of course, my back got stuck. An ergonomic office chair is worth its weight in gold. In addition to the seating comfort, sleek and graceful lines are also important to me. And the chair should not have a dusty, formal office feel.

“In addition to the seating comfort, sleek and graceful lines are also important to me.”

I have been using Muuto’s swiveling Fiber chair since last fall. Its slightly cup-shaped, flexible backrest supports the back, and the rounded edge of the seat does not put pressure on knee bends. The material of the seat is a composite made of plastic and wood fiber, the fibers stand out nicely on the surface. I would like to have some cushioning on the chair – it would be great to have a form-fitting cushion.”

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Hem: Vienna throw

3. A touch of nostalgia

“I use a wool blanket to pad my office chair. I fold it to the width of the seat and place it on a chair. The wool blanket gives a soft feeling and warms my back nicely, especially in winter. Another advantage of the blanket is that it’s perfect for napping!

The Vienna throw by Hem reminds me of my grandma’s plaid quilts with earthy colors and traditional edge stitching. I was attracted to the Vienna throw especially because of its delicate colors and feel of thick wool. The trendy blanket was created by fashion designer Arthur Arbesser, and the inspiration for the graphic pattern came from Vienna’s architecture.”

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EO: Balloon mirror

4. Landscape in the mirror

“I think that the front of the window is the best place for a desk. It’s soothing to stare at the landscape while working, and it’s also a good way to prevent your eyes from getting tired when working on a bright screen. If you can’t place the desk directly in front of the window, you use a mirror to view the landscape. Also, a mirror is convenient for checking your makeup before a video conference.

The Balloon mirror by EO is a fun and distinctive object. The mirror is finished with an oak detail and a leather string. The mirror is available in two sizes, which also look good together.”

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5. Glamorous lighting

“When lighting your workspace, you should consider if there is enough room for a desk lamp, or whether a wall lamp would be a better solution. The light should be directed slightly oblique to the screen to prevent any glare. I ended up with the minimalist, brass-colored Grant wall lamp to save table space. I’m planning to mount the lamp to the side of my desk, from where it reaches just to the right point above the table.

“Consider if there is enough room for a desk lamp, or whether a wall lamp would be a better solution.”

Manufactured by Normann Copenhagen, the Grant lamp casts a direct spotlight, and its brass body adds a touch of glamour to your workspace. The over one-meter long arm can be moved sideways, and the ball joint allows you to orient the shade to any direction.”

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Design Letters: Calendar A5 2021

6. Classic calendar

“I don’t want to rely solely on an electronic calendar. I also need a traditional table calendar that allows me to view the events of the whole week at a glance. A classic paper calendar is also great for writing notes and story ideas, and a beautiful calendar is always a pleasure to the eye.

Design Letters’ Calendar A5 2021 is a clear and elegant weekly calendar. There’s an own page for each week of the year, and the covers can be closed with a black rubber band. And with the included stickers, you can mark holidays and other important moments on your calendar in a fun and distinctive way. ”

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Anna Aromaa Avotakka magazine

Anna Aromaa works as an interior journalist at Avotakka. She has a passion for furniture with organic shapes and unexpected material combinations.

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