Dictionary of Nordic design: by Lassen

By Lassen is a Danish brand whose selection is based on the characteristic and strictly functional design of the celebrated architects and designers – and brothers – Mogens and Flemming Lassen. Let us introduce you to the timeless and insightful products of the Lassen brothers.

An image featuring by Lassen's Ingeborg lounge chair and ottoman as part of the living room decor.
The range of the Danish brand by Lassen, founded in 2008, is based on the creations of Flemming and Mogens Lassen.

DICTIONARY OF Nordic design is a column for introducing and highlighting important brands and designers, who have shaped Finnish and Scandinavian design. Up next is Danish manufacturer, by Lassen.

By Lassen is a Danish design brand focused on iconic designs created by Mogens and Flemming Lassen, renowned pioneers of Danish functionalism and modernist architecture. Brothers Mogens (1901–1987) and Flemming (1902–1984) Lassen are known as two of Denmark’s greatest architects and designers, both honoured with numerous prestigious medals and awards.

An image with several by Lassen's Kubus 1 candleholders
Kubus is one of by Lassen's best-known product ranges and an indisputable design classic. The Kubus 1 candleholder is created by Mogens Lassen.
An image featuring by Lassen's Ingeborg sofa and lounge chair as part of the living room decor.
The stunning Ingeborg sofa is named after the mother of the Lassen brothers, artist Ingeborg Winding. The invitingly opening armrests evoke images of a mother's warm embrace.
An image featuring the Kubus T candleholder and Kubus 1 candleholder on a coffee table as part of the living room decor.
The Kubus T candleholder, a contemporary addition to the Kubus range, was designed by Sarah Abbondio.

Founded in 2008 by the Lassens' grandchildren, by Lassen cherishes the design heritage of the architect brothers by producing small decorative items and furniture designed by them, as well as introducing modern designs that complement the Lassens' functionalist spirit.

Mogens Lassen's grandson Søren Lassen has complemented his grandfather's iconic Kubus series with vases, bowls, and everyday household objects. The company's mission is to make timeless, practical, and durable products available to new generations – without compromising on the original minimalist aesthetics.

An image featuring by Lassen's The Tired Man lounge chair as part of the living room decor.
The Tired Man lounge chair is an iconic classic designed by Flemming Lassen, featuring an irresistibly inviting and cozy form – perfect for all wearied people to take a breather in.
An image featuring by Lassen's Vilhelm sofa as part of the living room decor.
Designed by Flemming Lassen in 1935, the charismatic Vilhelm sofa gets its name from the father of the Lassen brothers, painter Hans Vilhelm Lassen.
An image featuring by Lassen's Twin coffee tables up close, as part of the living room decor.
Streamlined and geometric, the Twin coffee tables are true staples of a minimalist style. The tables can also be combined into spectacular ensembles.
A portrait image of architect and designer Flemming Lassen.
Flemming Lassen (1902–1984) was a designer and architect. Perhaps best known for his architectural collaboration with Arne Jacobsen, Flemming Lassen also created several classic designs still in production today, such as The Tired Man lounge chair.

Flemming Lassen

Flemming Lassen was a Danish architect and one of the pioneers of Danish functionalism. He is best known for his buildings designed in collaboration with Arne Jacobsen as well as his internationally renowned furniture. Perhaps the best known of Flemming Lassen’s designs is The Tired Man lounge chair designed in 1935 for a competition held by the Copenhagen Cabinetmakers’ Guild.

Born into a profoundly artistic family, Flemming Lassen knew already at a young age that he wanted to become an architect, as did his brother Mogens.

Flemming’s international breakthrough came at the end of the 1920s when he won a competition held by the Federation of Danish Architects with his design for the House of the Future exhibition house he created in collaboration with Arne Jacobsen, presenting the latest achievements in technology. The architects imagined, for example, a stripped-down kitchen where food would no longer be prepared as ready-made meals would be delivered to the door – sound familiar?

The two set up a studio of their own in the 1930s and went on to create celebrated landmarks such as the Søllerød Town Hall, located in Denmark near Copenhagen and completed in 1942.

An image featuring by Lassen's Frame storage furniture and the ML42 stool as part of the living room or bedroom decor.
The Frame collection allows you to create a full storage system by combining the modules. The ML42 stool was also designed by Mogens Lassen.
A product image featuring by Lassen's black Saxe lounge chair.
By Lassen’s Saxe lounge chair was designed by architect Mogens Lassen in 1955 for The Copenhagen Cabinetmakers’ Guild Competition. The beautiful chair features a folding oak frame upholstered in leather. By Lassen brought the Saxe lounge chair, originally made by master joiner A. J. Iversen, back in production to celebrate the chair’s 60th anniversary.
An image featuring by Lassen's Kubus Roll'in kitchen paper holder and K'block knife holder as part of the kitchen decor.
Mogens Lassen's grandson Søren Lassen has introduced new items to the Kubus collection, such as vases, bowls, and everyday items. The Kubus Roll'in kitchen roll holder, K'block knife holder, and Kubus Lolo vase are popular extensions to the Kubus range.
A portrait image of architect and designer Mogens Lassen.
Mogens Lassen (1901–1987) was an architect and designer. Other than the Kubus collection, some of his most famous designs are the Egyptian Coffee table and the ML42 stool.

Mogens Lassen

Dyslexia hampered the career plans of Mogens Lassen, who was passionate about architecture from a young age, but he gained the necessary knowledge and experience by training and working in offices in the field such as Tyge Hvass' studio where he trained from 1925 to 1934. He was also admitted to the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in 1923.

In 1927 Mogens Lassen left to work for a Danish engineering company in France, but he found himself less than pleased with the job – and not being able to communicate in French. However, Paris – and Le Corbusier's revolutionary ideas, in particular – altered and broadened Lassen’s view on architecture significantly. After returning to Denmark in 1928 he started planning for an office of his own, which he then established in 1935.

The functionalist and mathematically precisely designed Kubus products found their form when Mogens Lassen, inspired by the design principles of Bauhaus, wanted to rebel against maximalist decoration.

Along with working in architecture Lassen also designed furniture and other objects, and his Kubus candleholder has become an icon of Danish design. The functionalist and mathematically precisely designed Kubus products found their form when Mogens Lassen, inspired by the design principles of Bauhaus, wanted to rebel against maximalist decoration.

Lassen started working on the Kubus candleholder long before it was sent into production in 1962 – the first Kubus candleholders were not put on the market, as Lassen saved them for his family members and friends.

by Lassen

  • By Lassen was founded in 2008 by Lassen's grandchildren.
  • The by Lassen selection is based on Mogens Lassen's and Flemming Lassen's products. The range is complemented by contemporary designs such as the Lassen Chair designed by Magnus Sangild and Marianne Viktor and the Kubus T candleholder by Sarah Abbondio.
  • Mogens Lassen's grandson, Søren Lassen, has also designed products for by Lassen.
  • The iconic Kubus products are made locally at by Lassen's own factory in Holstebro, Denmark, mainly from recycled steel.

by Lassen favorites

Ingeborg lounge chair
Kubus bowl
Vilhelm sofa
Frame 35 sideboard
Twin 35 coffee table
ML42 stool
The Tired Man lounge chair
Kubus 4 candleholder
Saxe lounge chair
Frame 49 box with door
Ingeborg sofa
Kubus T candleholder

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