Modern log house Villa Havu delights with its light-toned spruce surfaces

The vision of interior designer Laura Seppänen on light spruce surfaces combined with timeless interior decoration creates a serene atmosphere for Villa Havu, one of the favorite houses at the 2023 Loviisa Housing Fair. Finnish Design Shop’s Contract Sales had the pleasure to be involved in furnishing Villa Havu.

Villa Havu
Villa Havu represents interior designer Laura Seppänen's take on a modern log house. The harmonious fusion of wood creates a space that is not only sleek and contemporary but also exudes warmth and coziness.

VILLA HAVU at the Loviisa Housing Fair exudes a strange kind of peace created by the very light spruce surfaces and the minimalistic but cozy interior. The designer, Laura Seppänen, wanted to create her own interpretation of the modern log house, using the same wood everywhere – all in the same shade.

Villa Havu living room
The living room has huge windows with a view directly to the sea. Interface's striped Lollipop bed chair provides a comfy setting for lounging and relaxing. Villa Havu was designed by architect Jarkko Niiranen.
Villa Havu
Villa Havu is full of eye-catching details, like &Tradition's Colette ATD6 table lamp, which charms with its understated design language. The warmth of the wood continues in Lundia's Classic open shelf and Fredericia's Canvas chair.

The aim is that the uniform appearance will endure time especially well, as the surfaces will age at the same pace and develop a distinctive patina.

“This was one of the most challenging and time-consuming parts of the project because solid spruce looks different and has quite a different tone from spruce veneer, even if it was treated the same way. I had to treat dozens of test samples with a variety of mixtures and products to find exactly the right materials,” Seppänen elaborates.

The long process was well worth it as the final outcome embodies pure tranquility. The consistent surfaces create a sense of harmony, providing a soothing foundation for a modern interior.

Villa Havu bathroom
Interior designer Laura Seppänen's own curiosity about wood as a material is visible in unexpected places, such as the wooden floors in the bathrooms.

Finnish design classics with an international twist

The residents' preferences aligned seamlessly with Seppänen's vision. They wanted the interior to be timeless and Scandinavian without being boring. Embracing even Seppänen's boldest ideas, the home boasts a delightful blend of eye-catching elements alongside classic and contemporary furniture. Rounded shapes in carpets and curved furniture add softness to an otherwise angular house.

“I wanted to include as many Finnish design classics as possible – both old and new – by brands such as Artek, Lundia, Vaarnii and Made By Choice. In this way, the interior is in line with the various surfaces in the house, which are also produced in Finland. I wanted to favor the Finnish furniture industry because of the security of supply and availability of maintenance and spare parts.”

Villa Havu
Impressive Finnish classics, such as Aalto chair 611, have been accompanied by lesser-known international pieces.
Villa Havu
Above the dining table floats Astep's elegant Model 2065 pendant. The ceiling lamp has a white methacrylate dome that contrasts beautifully with the warm wooden surface of the table and Artek chairs.
Villa Havu
In addition to the furniture, Finnish know-how is reflected in the textiles, sound system and fixed furniture. The fixed kitchen furniture is designed by Saari-keittiöt and manufactured in the company's own factory in Salo, Finland. In the front is the Woven Works' Arc rug, designed by Seppänen herself.

But there are international brands that bring a refined touch to the interior, too.

“I think the new Finnish design needs more intricate design alongside it, and that is something international brands can provide. For example, the crude simplicity of Finnish Vaarnii goes brilliantly together with Italian Mattiazzi's sophisticated design, and the residents loved this, too.”

It was particularly important that the interior decoration should stand the test of time and use. That's why the materials used are mostly genuine natural materials, such as wood and stone.

“We're talking about purchases for life here. Once you've made good choices, the overall feel of the interior decoration will be preserved for years, even if you change the order of the furniture,” says Seppänen.

Villa Havu
One of Villa Havu's bedrooms also has space for a small workstation, where the carefully selected furniture and decorative objects repeat the harmonious atmosphere of the wood.

Wide selection made choosing easy

Finnish Design Shop's Contract Sales were happy to help with the interior design of Villa Havu, as they have worked with Seppänen many times before. For example, the interior design of Lumitiikeri (“Snow tiger”) at the 2020 Housing Fair in Tuusula was created in collaboration with Seppänen and Finnish Design Shop.

“We have been working together with Laura for a long time because we have such similar styles. We were included in the housing fair project at an early stage, which made our work so much easier,” says Johanna Lindberg, a project sales representative at Finnish Design Shop.

Villa Havu
The bedroom's reading light is Louis Poulsen's AJ wall lamp with a polished surface that matches the silvery bed linen by Magniberg. The wall shelves are from Artek's collection.
Villa Havu
Like the kitchen, the fixed furniture in the bedroom is also made by Saari-keittiöt. The bedside table is from Vitra and the bed headboard is from Matri.

Finnish Design Shop has supplied all the furniture, lighting, and small items for Villa Havu. The residents wanted to keep all the furniture obtained for the house, as well as most of the lighting. That's how much they like the choices.

“An interesting example is the Quilton sofa by HAY in the beach sauna, made up of two modules with different upholstery. It’s also great that the design language of the traditional carpentry of Mattiazzi is allowed to shine,” says Lindberg, listing some of her personal favorites.

With a combination of classics and lesser-known pieces, Villa Havu showcases the variety of Finnish Design Shop's curated selection.

“Housing fairs give us the opportunity to present to a wider audience some of the more obscure brands from our range,” says Johanna Lindberg.

Villa Havu
In the sauna cabin, you can relax on HAY's Quilton sofa, which consists of two modules upholstered in different fabrics. The coffee table is New Works' Atlas, the stool is made by Vitra and the wall lamp is Nemo's Swan.
Villa Havu
The black and white Arc rug by Woven Works plays with colors and textures, bringing warmth and contrast to the space. The grey Inner Circle teapot is by valerie_objects, the sculptural Bloom Botanica vase by Georg Jensen and the Press bowl by Tom Dixon.

And what does the interior designer think is the best part of Villa Havu?

“I’d say it's the living room. Despite the large size of the room and the window, it manages to be warm and intimate. Although all the furniture is low, it has an interesting rhythm. My favorite is the Lollipop bed chair by Interface, for which I designed a new striped upholstery together with Annala, a Finnish furniture fabric company. It's great to bring together local manufacturers and create new collaborations. Now the bed chair will be produced with this fabric,” says Laura Seppänen with a smile.

• Loviisa Housing Fair, 7.7.–6.8.2023.

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Woven Works
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Dioscuri lamp
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Audo Copenhagen
Stance vase
Model 2065 pendant
Luminator floor lamp
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Cloud vessel
Aalto chair 611
Wall shelf 112B
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Classic shelf

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Text: Katri Keihäri Photos: Mikael Pettersson

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