Valtteri Bottas and Tiffany Cromwell enjoy leisure time in Finnish Lapland

Every morning at their Kilpisjärvi log house, Valtteri Bottas, a Formula One driver currently competing with the Alfa Romeo Team, and Tiffany Cromwell, a top-level professional road cyclist, are greeted by a picture perfect view of the Saana fell. Discover the couples modern leisure home with Design Stories!

Valtteri Bottas and Tiffany Cromwell's hideaway in Lapland
The leisure home of Valtteri Bottas and Tiffany Cromwell is located in Kilpisjärvi, Finland.

FORMULA ONE DRIVER Valtteri Bottas and professional road cyclist Tiffany Cromwell’s hideaway in Finnish Lapland offers the couple a chance to relax for a moment to counterbalance their fast-paced life across multiple continents.

The house, which features a harmonious Scandinavian-style interior, is as calming and peaceful as the fell landscape surrounding it. It offers the busy couple the perfect resting place in between their workouts and adventures in the surrounding nature.

Valtteri Bottas and Tiffany Cromwell's hideaway in Lapland
A window-walled corridor connects the different parts of the log building. In the background rises the Saana fell.
Made by Choice  Airisto stool / side table, black
The high glass wall in the hallway brings light into the space. The black Airisto stool is manufactured by Made by Choice. Finnish Design Shop’s Contract Sales provided most of the furniture.
Menu Bottle Grinder 2 pcs, ash - carbon - beech
The kitchen is connected to the living area. The Bottle Grinders are by Menu.
Artek Kanto firewood rack, black
In the living room one can relax by the fireplace and TV. The black Kanto firewood rack is by Artek, the light grey Uni rug by Woodnotes.

The house, which features a dark outer surface finish, is nestled beautifully into the unique scenery of Kilpisjärvi. It has been built in two separate parts with a window-walled corridor connecting the two halves. The first half houses a garage, bathroom, sauna facilities and an upstairs bar. The other half features a kitchen, living area and an upstairs bedroom.

The uniquely beautiful nature of Lapland surrounding the house is an essential part of the place. Around the year, the inhabitants get to enjoy varying views from mountain birches of the spring to the iconic outline of the snow-covered fell in the winter.

The uniquely beautiful nature of Lapland surrounding the house is an essential part of the place.

The interior of the house is understated and elegant. The predominant material is wood: the logs of the interior walls have been left unpainted and have been combined with other pine elements, such as the pine battens of the roof and stairwells.

The dark stained oak of the fixtures and fittings, along with other carefully selected details, balances out the lighter natural wood surfaces. In addition to the rich use of wood materials, the light floor surfaces and the large tiles used in the kitchen and the bathroom give the space a modern, luxurious feel. The serene atmosphere of the open interior allows the large landscape windows to take center stage.

Iittala Nappula candelabra, dark grey
At the dining table, guests sit in Muuto’s Cover armchairs. The dark gray Nappula candelabra is Matti Klenell’s design for Iittala.
Nikari  April tables, set of 3
Nikari’s April coffee table set includes three wooden tables of different sizes, designed by Alfredo Häberli.
Portrait of Anna Tuohimaa, interior designer
Anna Tuohimaa was responsible for the interior design of the site. “The brief was to make the interior Scandinavian and modern,” she says.

The building was designed by HIMLA Architects’ Topi Laaksonen, and the interior design is by Anna Tuohimaa. “The owners wanted a Scandinavian, modern interior. The log material used in the house was also a defining factor in the design process”, Tuohimaa says.

In the end, balance between the strong log surfaces and the more modern supporting elements was easily achieved with a simple yet harmonious color palette and by utilizing the beautiful shades of natural wood. In addition to this, Tuohimaa also used luminaires to create a unified, atmospheric space. Indirect and easily modifiable lighting solutions make the space feel cozy and assure sufficient lighting throughout the year – also during the polar night.

Muuto Cover armchair, black
Topi Laaksonen from HIMLA Architects designed the building. The decor of the bedroom is understated: the wonderful nature of Lapland plays the major role.
Muuto  Cover armchair, black
Muuto's Cover armchair was designed by Thomas Bentzen.
Secto Design Secto 4210 floor lamp, black
The upstairs bar has stunning views. The Cork Family stools are by Vitra, the Lempi bench by Matri and Secto 4210 floor lamp by Secto Design.

Tuohimaa ordered the furniture and decoration through Finnish Design Shop’s Contract Sales. She chose pieces that continued the Scandinavian style and complemented the existing design choices of the house.

Designed by Marcel Wanders for Moooi, the sweet and soft Love sofas chosen for the bar space offer a striking contrast to the simplified design of the Nikari, Muuto, Secto Design and Woodnotes pieces used in the rest of the house.

Image of a bathroom
Interior designer Anna Tuohimaa used indirect and easily modifiable lighting solutions to create a unified, atmospheric space.
Open door to a sauna and a shower
The bathroom and sauna are in the other half of the house. The timber slats on the roof continue at the door of the sauna.
Finnish sauna in Lapland
The sauna embodies the modern and Scandinavian style of the holiday home.
Exterior image of the northern hideaway of Valtteri Bottas and Tiffany Cromwell
The northern hideaway of Valtteri Bottas and Tiffany Cromwell merges with the nature of Lapland.

With the help of professionals, the interior design process ran smoothly from beginning to end despite the remote location of the house, and Bottas and Cromwell were able to spend their first Christmas in their new northern hideaway in 2021. But it would seem that even the leisure time of two professional racers is exactly as busy as one could imagine.

“Valtteri and Tiffany have been very happy with the house. They spend a lot of time around the house enjoying the outdoors, snowshoeing or snowmobiling. The house offers them the perfect hideaway to relax afterwards”, Anna Tuohimaa says.

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April coffee table
Bottle Grinder
Cork Family stool
Cover armchair
Uni rug
Nappula candelabra
Love sofa
Kanto firewood rack

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Text: Hanna-Katariina Mononen Images: Merja Paakkanen

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