Kirsikkapuu wallpaper, grey - white

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Kirsikkapuu wallpaper by Pihlgren & Ritola is adorned with blooming cherry flowers designed by Ritva Kronlund. 

The charm of Pihlgren & Ritola’s wallpapers lies in their beautiful patterns but also in the traditional manufacturing method. The wallpapers printed with the old rotary printing press feature slight variation in hue and pattern, which provides an attractive handmade quality. Each roll of Pihlgren & Ritola’s wallpaper is therefore a unique individual, keen to adorn your walls.

Pihlgren ja Ritola
Ritva Kronlund
Length 10,05 m, width 53 cm, straight match 4 cm
Grey, white, red


Ritva Kronlund

Ritva Kronlund

Ritva Kronlund (1932–1999) was a Finnish painter and designer, who had a long collaboration with the Finnish wallpaper manufacturer Pihlgren & Ritola. Kronlund’s best known design were the rich floral patterns that she created especially in the 1970s. Kronlund also worked several years as a pattern specialist in Canada, which influenced her designs later in Finland as well.

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