Kotona noteboard large square, grey

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The beautiful Kotonadesign notice board is a combination of a magnetic board with a whiteboard. With the Kotonadesign notice board you will have at the same time a playful notice board where to write or draw with a chalk, and a useful magnetic board for your keys, magnets and other objects. The notice board is also an original interior design decoration that can be placed in different rooms of your house – such as kitchen, hallway, office or children’s room. All Kotonadesign notice boards are equipped with 40 mm frames made of plywood. The frames have grooves and this makes it easy to fasten the board using the L-screws that are included in the package. All Kotonadesign notice boards are made in Finland.

Mia Battilana
Plywood frame
50 cm
50 cm


Mia Battilana

Mia Battilana

Mia Battilana (b. 1968) is a Finnish designer who is also the founder of Kotonadesign, a Finnish trademark established in 2004 – Kotona is a Finnish word that means “at home”. The most innovative product designed by Mia Battilana is the original notice board which is at the same time a magnetic board and a whiteboard. 

Kotonadesign noteboards, available in different colours, shapes and sizes, are accompanied by a series of creative accessories. Mia Battilana’s noteboards have been shown in numerous exhibitions in many countries – including the exhibition “Nordic Design” in 2009 at the Total Museum of Contemporary Art, Seoul, Korea – and in short time the designer has become widely well-known for her creations. As for the origins of Kotonadesign, it all started from a left-over case in a workshop of a carpenter Mia Battilana knew. She was allowed to take with her as much left-over wood pieces as she would be able to carry. And of course she was able to carry a large amount of left-over wood pieces and once home she just sat admiring them and wondering. Wooden material which was meant to be burned found its way to useful products on refrigerator doors and notice boards This is how Kotonadesign’s product concept was born. Kotonadesign realizes a series of original interior design articles that are perfect for decorating the house. Kotonadesign products go from coloured notice boards that are at the same time a magnetic board and a whiteboard to different kinds of magnets. All Kotonadesign products are made in Finland.

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