Kotona noteboard large square, grey

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The beautiful KOTONADESIGN notice board is a combination of a magnetic board with a whiteboard. With the KOTONADESIGN notice board you will have at the same time a playful notice board where to write or draw with a chalk, and a useful magnetic board for your keys, magnets and other objects. The KOTONADESIGN notice board is also an original interior design decoration that can be placed in different rooms of your house – such as kitchen, hallway, office or children’s room. All KOTONADESIGN notice boards are equipped with 40 mm frames made of plywood. The frames have grooves and this makes it easy to fasten the board using the L-screws that are included in the package. The notice boards are available in different shapes, sizes and colours. You can decorate the house with one KOTONADESIGN notice board in your favourite colour or combine together more notice boards of different shapes, sizes and colours creating a nice set. All KOTONADESIGN notice boards are made in Finland.

Mia Battilana
500 x 500 mm
Plywood frame