Moneyphant with twins

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Jørgen Møller's first elephant design was born in 1987 with the help of his grandchild and was an elephant bottle opener, which became recognized worldwide. He then designed more elephants such as a key ring and most recently with the Moneyphant to store coins. The Moneyphant contains all that Scandinavian design has become known for: elegance, strength and functionality. The Moneyphant was created by Jørgen Møller as well as his great-grand child.

This fall Georg Jensen brings out a new generation of Moneyphant, literally. The Moneyphant now features two small elephants that nest within the larger one. For the designer Alfredo Häberli it is typical to combine different materials in a harmonious way. The baby elephants made of oak fit like a puzzle pieces into the original polished stainless steel form.

Georg Jensen
Jørgen Møller
Height 125 mm, width 60 mm, depth 170 mm
Stainless steel, oak wood