Moneyphant with Twins

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Georg Jensen's Moneyphant with Twins features two small elephants that nest within the larger one. Designed by Alfredo Häberli, the oak-wood baby elephants fit like a puzzle pieces into the original polished stainless steel form.

The original Moneyphant was created by Jørgen Møller with the help of his great-grand child. Møller's first elephant design, a bottle opener, was born in 1987 with the help of his grandchild. As the Elephant became recognized worldwide, Møller then designed more elephants, such as a key ring and the Moneyphant for storing coins. The Moneyphant contains all that Scandinavian design has become known for: elegance, strength and functionality.

Georg Jensen
Alfredo Häberli, Jørgen Møller
Height 125 mm, width 60 mm, depth 170 mm
Stainless steel, oak wood