Heima candlestick

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According to Nordic mythology Heima means home or the world, but Heima is also the name behind the new candlestick from Normann Copenhagen. Heima, designed by Francis Cayouette, is a four-armed candlestick made of cast iron in a minimalist, Nordic design. Inspired by the Nordic culture for living flames and the cast iron arts and craft movement of the 1950s, the French-Canadian Francis Cayouette has interpreted the classic candlestick. The result is a candlestick featuring a recognisable design that pays tribute to industrial craftsmanship and Nordic traditions. The uneven, almost cold surface gives the Heima candlestick character, while the rounded shapes make the design modern. The Heima candlestick is made from cast iron and has been created for company and for cosy atmospheres. The minimalist candlestick is sculptured and fits beautifully into both modern and classic decors.

Normann Copenhagen
Francis Cayouette
Height 20,3cm, width 13,20cm, depth 13,80cm
Cast iron