Cobra candlestick, 2 pcs

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Cobra is a classic candlestick with a dramatic twist. Strong curves give Cobra an impression of movement. This candlestick is classic in its imposing silver form but witty because of its dramatic swerving body. The way it rises almost seems gravity-defying. It shares a number of qualities with its namesake: it is imposing, bold and striking. The form was inspired in part by the idea of melting wax. The curve is such an organic one ? it is almost as if a classic candlestick has begun to melt. There is something seductive about the form, with its dynamic spiralling shape and mirrored stainless steel exterior. The mirrored surface catches the light for a dramatic effect.
Georg Jensen
Constantin Wortmann
Height 200 mm, width 80 mm, depth 90 mm
Stainless steel, mirror surface