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New Works | Decoration

New Works is a Danish furniture and lightning brand, for whom the exploration of handicraft and different materials is important. Essential for New Works is the rethinking of forms, materials and solutions. Their work does not need to be understood, but used. 

In the design process itself it is important to draw a line between inspiration and imitation: it is more important to create products that look and feel good than products that happen to be big at the moment.

This brand has collaborated with: Lars Tornøe, Anderssen & Voll, Noergaard & Kechayas , Maija Puoskari, Tuukka Tujula, Knut Bendik Humlevik, MSDS Studio, Bjørn van den Berg, Arde Design Studio, Hunting & Narud, Signe Hytte, Rikke Frost, David Taylor, Runa Klock, Josefine Hedemann, Niels Bak Rasmussen, Cristian Mohaded, Panter & Tourron, Regular Company, Omayra Maymó, Studio Lim + Lu

12 products

12 products