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Marset is a Spanish lighting company which was established in 1942 as a metal foundry, before concentrating on illumination in 1965. A long experience with molding metal gave the company a strong base for experimenting with different lamp designs, and over the years, Marset has become famous for its interesting and unique lighting effects.

Today, Marset aims to discover new nuances of light and create atmospheric and timeless designs with modern techniques. One of the best known designs of the brand is the FollowMe lamp, which won the Red Dot Award in 2016.

This brand has collaborated with: Joanna Laajisto, Kaschkasch, Inma Bermúdez, Christophe Mathieu, Xavier Mañosa, Mashallah , Mathias Hahn, Lluís Porqueras, Joan Gaspar, Jordi Canudas, Sputnik Estudio, Uli Budde, Daniel López, Ramírez i Carillo, Manuel Valls Vergés

Some popular Marset products: Marset lighting

23 products

23 products

Scandinavian wall lights and wall lamps create a homely atmosphere

We at Finnish Design Shop have a curated selection of wall lights from different decades of Scandinavian design, as well as many interesting wall lamp designs from elsewhere in the world. Cornerstones of our wall light collection include the wall-mounted lamps designed by Alvar Aalto for Artek, classic lamps by the Danish brand Louis Poulsen, and award-winning lights by the Italian brand Artemide. Explore our selection to find the perfect Scandinavian wall light for your home!

How to choose the right wall lamp?

First, decide what features you want from a wall light: a wall lamp can cast soft mood lighting, a focused spotlight, or bright light for an entire room. Wall lights are needed for various spaces and purposes – a sculptural wall lamp can create ambience in a living room, a wall-mounted desk lamp helps you to maximise desk space, and subtle spotlights are ideal for bedtime reading. Flush-mounted lamps and sconce lights installed on walls make great alternatives if you are seeking a minimalist appearance and compact form in a wall lamp.

Wall lamps can also have a host of useful features – such as an adjustable arm, directable shade or dimmer light switch – which you can use to change the quality of the light. Most of the wall lights in our selection are wall lamps with cords, but you can also find many hardwired wall sconces if you are looking for a completely cord-free option.

What is a good way to use wall lamps in home decoration?

A wall lamp can be like a piece of art on its own or extremely functional and minimal in its appearance. When buying a new wall light, choose the shape, size and material of the wall lamp based on how much you want it to get attention. Wall lamps are an easy way to add bold accent colours, your favourite natural materials or a raw industrial touch to the home decor. You can also create a vivid vibe by mixing together large and small wall lights, flush-mounted wall lights and hanging wall lamps, or wall lamps in contrasting colours and materials. Our collection features impressive sculptural models as well as minimalist, subdued wall light fixtures in a range of colours and high-quality materials including glass, brass, steel and ceramics.

As a general rule, wall lamps should be positioned around eye level or slightly lower to avoid glare from the bulb. Wall lights are also wonderful outside, for example when fixed to the wall of a building – our range of outdoor lamps includes many outdoor wall lamps suitable for exterior use. We also have many different wall lights for kids in timeless Scandinavian style.

How to create mood lighting with wall lights?

The appeal of a wall lamp often lies in non-glare light, which is reflected gently into a room from a wall and ceiling. A well-lit wall makes a room feel much more spacious and airy. Soft, glare-free light is ideal as mood lighting or as an addition to ceiling lighting. On the other hand, you can also use bright spotlights for mood lighting by directing the beam of light to an object of your choice: a desk, an armchair or a picture hung on a wall. Feel free to combine indirect, reflected light with spotlights that highlight individual objects, as long as you make sure that the spots don’t dazzle anyone in the room.

Inspiration for finding a new wall lamp

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