Pieces of Nordic Happiness

Hella Hernberg

Hella Hernberg is a Finnish architect and designer based in Helsinki. Hella Hernberg graduated as architect from the Aalto University in 2008 and has studied also at TU Delft, Netherlands. She works in the field of design and research, ranging from objects to urban projects.

Her work ideology follows the guiding principle of inventive upcycling, which means to turn unused and discarded things into valuable and necessary ones, whether they are household objects or urban spaces. By combining the old and the contemporary, the familiar and the unexpected, Hella Hernberg aims at bringing more character and stories to common concepts.

This is clearly visible in Hella Hernberg’ Bol lamps, which are handmade from old fabrics. Bol lamps illuminate the VIP sauna lounge of the Finland Pavilion Kirnu at the Shanghai World EXPO 2010. At the moment Hella Hernberg is working on design projects, teaching at the architecture faculty of Aalto University and working on a project about creative use of urban space, Urban Dream Management.

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