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Foersom & Hiort-Lorenzen

Johannes Foersom and Peter Hiort-Lorenzen form the Foersom & Hiort-Lorenzen design team and they have cooperated since 1977. For a long time they have cooperated with Cane-Line, but also with companies like Marimekko, Lammhults Möbel AB and Danfoss. 

They have also won several awards for their work. Foersom & Hiort-Lorenzen never compromise on the comfort or visual expression. Years of experience and strong skills are visible in details of exceptionally high standards, from the point of view of booth quality and cramftmanship.

Foersom & Hiort-Lorenzen has designed pieces for the following brands: Cane-line, FDB Møbler

31 products

31 products

Nest round chair, white


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Moments lounge chair, grey

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Moments 3-seater sofa, grey


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