TOP 5: The most inspiring new products

October’s novelties introduce a touch of Japandi and a festive feeling to the décor – without forgetting delightful everyday treasures. It’s time to turn to gaze inwards and enjoy the dusky evenings at home in the atmospheric glow of candles and beautiful luminaires.

An image with Marimekko's Tiiliskivi cushion cover on Carl Hansen & Søn's Wishbone chair as part of the decor. Marimekko's Plant candle holder on the table.
The Tiiliskivi cushion cover is made from a linen-viscose blend and perfected with a minimalist grid motif in a golden hue. The Plunta candle holder is also by Marimekko, and the Wishbone chair is part of Carl Hansen & Søn's selection.

1. Frosty florals

Marimekko's newest arrivals dress up the interior for winter celebrations: the smorgasbord of novelties features, among other things, products finished with precious metal details in classic motifs, such as the Tiiliskivi cushion cover and Unikko tablecloth.

Marimekko's selection is also the go-to destination for gift shopping – who wouldn’t want to find a Unikko-patterned bath and hand towel set or a Siirtolapuutarha lunch box wrapped under the tree?

Marimekko's Tiiliskivi cushion cover >
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A product image of &Tradition's Raku SH8 table lamp.
The hefty handmade ceramic leg of the Raku SH8 table lamp creates a balanced pair for the perforated metal shade.

2. Charismatic ceramics

&Tradition further strengthens its selection of bold and beautiful portable lighting with the Raku SH8 table lamp. Designer Sebastian Herkner drew inspiration for the lamp – and its name – from the traditional Japanese ceramic technique, where the surface of the glaze is brought to life with small cracks. A perfect fit for a Japandi-inspired interior, the charismatic luminaire adds a unique touch to all spaces.

&Tradition's Raku SH8 table lamp >
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An image with ferm LIVING's Part bedspread on top of the bed, as part of the bedroom decor.
Ferm LIVING's Part bedspread is made from linen and cotton quilts.

3. Made with love

Traditional patchwork quilts are made with love, and the Part bedspread, drawing inspiration from the Korean Pojagi technique, does not lack in emotion either – traditional Korean quilting is associated with the belief that every patch and stitch added to the work ties in a dose of luck.

ferm LIVING's Part bedspread >
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Kuva, jossa Dear Wasten käsisaippua ja appelsiinisiivu vaaleanpunaista taustaa vasten.
Dear Waste's beautiful packaging made of straw and bamboo fiber is plant-based and biodegradable.

4. Vitamin glee

Small everyday choices are known to have a sizeable impact overall. Finnish brand Dear Waste provides some better options as they introduce their new products: their cleaning agents and hand soaps get some of their high-quality ingredients – and their mouth-watering aroma – from the waste fruits of the juicing industry.

Dear Waste's orange and bergamot hand soap >
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An image with MENU's pear-shaped Sentiment paper weight  on a coffee table, as part of the decor.
MENU's Sentiment paper weight, resembling a plump pear, draws inspiration from traditional still-life paintings.

5. A little drama goes a long way

MENU's collection of delightful objects designed by Colin King artfully combines minimalist clarity and maximalist joie de vivre. Thoughtful objects are undeniably functional and yet sophisticatedly decorative, enriching everyday life with a sense of effortless luxury and a fascinating narrative.

MENU's Sentiment paper weight >
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