Finnish Design Shop’s special collection features Artek’s stool 60 in new colors – what’s your favorite?

Finnish Design Shop and Artek have launched a joint collection including the three-legged Aalto stool 60 in three new colors. Only a limited number of stools are available, so hurry up if you want one of the iconic seats for yourself!

Artek  Aalto stool 60, pearl beige linoleum - birch
The number of anniversary-collection stools is limited, and the stools are only available at Finnish Design Shop.

ARTEK’S STOOL 60 is one of the most desired gifts year after year, whether it be for graduation, Holidays or birthday. One anniversary was celebrated in the fall of 2022, when Finnish Design Shop, founded in 2004, turned 18. To honor the occasion and delight all Aalto fans, we launched a special collection including three 60 stools in different colors.

Finnish Design Shop’s Interior Architect and Showroom Manager Maija Rasila picked the new colors for the design classic. Read Maija’s interview to find out how she ended up choosing the colors – and whether the collection might be expanded later!

Artek  Aalto stool 60, orange linoleum - birch
What’s your favorite – graphic gray, elegant beige or energetic orange?

Hi, Maija! You picked the colors for the Artek stools in Finnish Design Shop’s special collection. How did you end choosing orange, beige and gray?
“I wanted to pick topical yet simple and timeless colors that would go well together but also look good on their own. There are suitable options for various styles, whether it be soft, graphic or colorful. I’m particularly happy with how the stools look together, as the colors complement each other nicely.”

“I’m particularly happy with how the stools look together, as the colors complement each other nicely.”

How did it feel to get to choose the colors for such an iconic seat?
“I’ve always admired Alvar Aalto’s timeless and functional designs, of which the simple, ingenious stool 60 is a great example. So, it was amazing to have the opportunity to also leave my mark on this iconic design classic. The brand-new special colors also add a nice twist to the linoleum colors in Artek’s basic collection, probably already adorning the homes of many Aalto stool enthusiasts.”

Artek  Aalto stool 60, orange linoleum - birch
The orange linoleum stands out and brightens up the interior. Finnish Design Shop’s Interior Architect Maija Rasila chose the colors for the stools.
Artek  Aalto stool 60, ash grey linoleum - birch
The legs are solid birch and the seat surface is made of high-quality Forbo linoleum. The Artek stools are made in Finland.

What kinds of interiors the stools go best with?
“In my opinion, they go well with all kinds of interiors! Stools are one of the most versatile pieces of furniture that I know and can be used in the kitchen, living room, hallway and bedroom alike. In addition to seats, stools can be used as side tables or handy surfaces for various items. The iconic and versatile stool 60 also makes a great gift, since who wouldn’t need a timeless piece of furniture that meets all kinds of needs!”

“The iconic and versatile stool 60 also makes a great gift!”

Are there plans to expand the collection?
“Yes, there are. We’ll launch three additional colors, complementing the existing ones, in early 2023. However, I recommend not waiting too long, as the number of stools is limited. Once they’ve been sold out, the stools in Finnish Design Shop’s special collection will no longer be available.”

Artek  Aalto stool 60, pearl beige linoleum - birch
All three new colors also go well with the Aalto stool featuring a black linoleum seat.

The colors look really good! What’s your personal favorite?
“My favorite is the light, creamy pearl beige. The warm tone goes beautifully with the birch and softens the minimalist shape of the stool. I’ll probably get the stool in that color, as there’s always use for additional seats!”

Pick a favorite

Stool 60, orange
Stool 60, ash grey
Stool 60, pearl beige
Stool 60, black

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Text: Mikko Vaija Images: Edvard Enqvist

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