From barren to botanical: the updated showroom balcony now bathes in greenery

Discover the impressive metamorphosis of Finnish Design Shop’s showroom balcony, as it blossoms from a once empty and barren space into a lush summer oasis. Take a look at the before and after photos of the balcony’s makeover!

ferm LIVING Hourglass pot, M, black
Abundant plantings create an inviting atmosphere for enjoying a moment outdoors. The boldly shaped Hourglass pot is from the Danish brand ferm LIVING.

WHEN IT COMES TO designing an outdoor space, much like indoor spaces, it all begins with considering its intended use and the desired atmosphere. A small balcony, for instance, may not provide enough room for both a dining area and a lounge space, necessitating a decision based on its primary function. Equally important are the prevailing conditions, as different products are suited to a shaded open balcony as opposed to a sun-drenched glazed balcony or terrace.

In addition to selecting the right furniture, greenery plays a pivotal role in creating the ultimate ambiance. The choice and arrangement of plants in the space greatly contribute to its overall feel. For those seeking a low-maintenance summer, succulents in pots make an excellent choice, requiring minimal upkeep. On the other hand, gardening enthusiasts who cherish flowers can delight in filling every nook and cranny with plants that demand daily care and attention.

HAY Palissade lounge chair, low, hot galvanised
The showroom balcony was already furnished with HAY’s Palissade furniture, but otherwise, the space was not particularly inviting.
The colors and style of the plants were chosen to harmonize naturally while also providing enough interesting contrasts to the overall composition.

Starting point: spacious but bare north-facing balcony

The covered balcony on the upper floor is part of Finnish Design Shop’s recently expanded showroom in Turku. The balcony was envisioned to be a captivating and cozy summer room, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in the world of outdoor furnishings. The starting point was the pre-existing Palissade furniture from HAY, crafted from galvanized steel.

The balcony was envisioned to be a captivating and cozy summer room.

The balcony itself is long and narrow, which is a favorable layout for this type of space as it allows for easy division between different functions. The key is to carefully consider the scale and placement of furniture and plantings, ensuring smooth movement and preventing plants from becoming obstacles even as they grow larger.

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HAY Palissade table 82,5 x 90 cm, hot galvanised
The Palissade tables and chairs are crafted from galvanized steel, making them perfect for outdoor use.
HAY PC Portable table lamp, olive
The balcony’s tables are now adorned with PC Portable table lamps and plants arranged in HAY Flowerpots.

From concept to reality

The placement of dining tables at the other end of the balcony proved to be a practical and natural solution, although the furniture was grouped slightly more closely. The chairs remain easily accessible, and there is still space for potted plants. Seat cushions were added to the chairs for both comfort and to prevent the coldness of the metal surface.

Generously-sized Flowerpot XXL pots were placed on the tables, filled with blooming plants and beautiful aromatic herbs. PC Portable lamps help to add a touch of olive green to the neutral-colored Palissade furniture and seat cushions.

To infuse the relatively graphic ensemble with softness and comfort, textiles were added to the chairs. A green Plica cushion was sourced from HAY, and a black and white Shakki blanket from Lapuan Kankurit. Woodnotes’ dark grey Line In-Out rug brought the furniture together, creating a distinct grouping along the wall. For added ambiance, a portable Mousqueton lamp was placed on a side table, seamlessly blending the materials of the chairs and table.

Lapuan Kankurit Shakki throw, beige - black - white
The lounge seating area invites visitors to sit back and enjoy the views. The Shakki throw is from Lapuan Kankurit and the Plica cushion from HAY.
Woodnotes Line In-Out rug, melange grey - light sand
An outdoor version of Eero Saarinen’s Tulip table was chosen to accompany the lounge chairs. The Line In-Out rug is from Woodnotes.
HAY Mousqueton portable table lamp, oyster white
The end result is exactly as stunning and inviting as envisioned. In the twilight hours, HAY’s rechargeable Mousqueton lamp completes the ambiance with its soft glow.

Greenery adds the final touch

When planning the balcony plantings, special attention was given to the arrangement of the plants. The aim was to create lush balcony plantings without hindering movement within the space. Consideration was also given to the indoor views when determining the placement of the plants. The balcony’s greenery was designed in collaboration with floral artist Annina Jaala, who provided and planted the vegetation.

Special attention was given to the arrangement of the plants.

A variety of differently shaped and sized planters were chosen, unified by their black color. In the planter boxes, the olive green color of the dining table lamps is echoed, albeit in a slightly different shade.

HAY Flowerpot and saucer, XXXL, black
The plants create a natural, meadow-like atmosphere on the balcony. Summer flowers and a fig tree thrive in HAY’s large Flowerpot XXXL pots.
ferm LIVING Bau pot, large, black
The metallic Bau pots by ferm LIVING are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.
ferm LIVING Plant Box, olive
Smaller herbs, flowers and grasses found their place in ferm LIVING’s Plant Boxes.

Large Hourglass pots were used for tall potted trees, allowing for plants to be displayed at varying heights. Medium-height plants included rose bushes and a fig tree planted in HAY’s large Flowerpots and ferm LIVING’s Bau pots, while flower and grass plantings were arranged in olive green Plant Boxes. The lower level features grasses and flowers in regular pots.

With the completion of the greenery and the positioning of lamps and textiles, the once dormant balcony had finally sprung to life, like awakening from Sleeping Beauty’s slumber. What was once a bare and stark space had transformed into a cozy and verdant green haven, radiating a summery ambiance even on cooler days.

Riikka Soini-Ferraguto

Interior designer Riikka Soini-Ferraguto, who works at Finnish Design Shop’s showroom, appreciates functional and beautiful design and strives to make long-term choices. Natural materials and vintage finds give any space character and softness.

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Text and photos: Riikka Soini-Ferraguto

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