Finnish Design Shop’s new showroom to open in Turku in the fall of 2021

With Finnish Design Shop’s new logistics center, the range of online store services will soon become even more comprehensive. Interior designer and showroom manager Maija Rasila talks about new advances in connection with the showroom.

Maija Rasila
Maija Rasila works in Finnish Design Shop as an interior designer and manager of the new showroom, which will open in fall 2021.

Finnish Design Shop will open its showroom in the new logistics center to be completed in Turku in autumn 2021. Maija Rasila, can you tell us what to expect?
“The showroom is part of our new logistics center being built on the coast of Turku in southwestern Finland. It is absolutely amazing as a whole – its dimensions can only really be appreciated by visiting the site. The showroom continues the building’s modern line and provides an experiential setting for showcasing our online store product range.

The main surface materials are concrete, wood and glass, and excellently support our product range of Scandinavian design. The huge window surfaces and the nearly ten-meter-high space create an inspiring framework for changing exhibitions. The windows also bring nature into the interior. The aim is to preserve the trees in the area as far as possible in order to keep the environment green and pleasant.

“The huge window surfaces and the nearly ten-meter-high space create an inspiring framework for changing exhibitions.”

In addition to creating an experiential space, responsibility and sustainability are also important to us. The showroom is being built sustainably and is certified with the prestigious BREEAM environmental rating. Finnish experts are responsible for the design. The facades of the building are the work of Avanto Architects, and Studio Joanna Laajisto designed the interior. So every detail has been carefully thought out to form a functional, sustainable and visual whole.”

Finnish Design Shop logistics center
Finnish Design Shop’s new logistics center will be completed in Turku in fall 2021. The facades of the building were designed by Avanto Arkkitehdit.
Finnish Design Shop showroom
The new showroom is located at the main entrance. In the future, the large, impressive space will enable hosting various customer events.

This is Finnish Design Shop’s first showroom. How did the company decide on it?
“A showroom has long been requested by our customers and partners. Finnish Design Shop is growing rapidly, and the construction of the logistics center makes it possible to develop completely new forms of operation. The establishment of the showroom is a natural continuum: it supports our online store sales and provides the long-awaited and necessary addition to our range of services.

In addition to the warehouse, the new logistics center also houses Finnish Design Shop’s head office and office space for the Turku office employees. The logistics center was also a natural choice for the location of the showroom, as the space operates closely with the adjacent warehouse. The showroom also gives a face to the company as a whole and enables the multi-faceted presentation of our products.

We are always exploring new ways to make our customer service even better and more comprehensive, and the new showroom is one concrete example of this. We want to spread Nordic happiness everywhere and offer everyone the opportunity to enjoy Scandinavian design.”

“The showroom has an extensive library of materials, making it easier than before to compare different color and upholstery options.”

What services does the new showroom offer?
“The showroom will feature regularly changing exhibitions that highlight selected gems from our online store’s range. We help in choosing products and display an extensive library of materials, making it easier than before to compare different color and upholstery options. Our customers are also always warmly welcome in the showroom to find inspiration and enjoy Scandinavian design. Our aim is that the showroom will offer a new and fascinating assortment of design innovations every time.

The large space also provides a good venue for various events. We are already looking forward to being able to gather more freely again after the Covid-19 crisis and organize various engaging customer events.

We are also launching a new Finnish Design Shop interior design service in connection with the showroom. This will be primarily aimed at Finnish private customers and offers the assistance of interior design professionals for both small and larger interior design undertakings.”

Finnish Design Shop interior design service
The new interior design service will further complement Finnish Design Shop’s selection with services ranging from interior design to furniture deliveries and installations.

Tell us a little about your own role in the showroom.
“I joined Finnish Design Shop at the beginning of 2021 when I took up the inspiring position to start developing the new showroom and interior design services. I have worked on hundreds of design projects in the past and have more than a decade of experience in customer service in the interior design industry.

This solid grounding has been a great help in the new development tasks, and I have eagerly embraced the new challenges. I will operate as an interior designer and the manager of the showroom, and will be responsible for the work of our new interior design team.”

How will the services be developed in the future?
“As I see it, the need for design services will only grow as the home becomes increasingly important to people. The growth of Finnish Design Shop enables continuous development, and the launch of the showroom and design service is only the first phase. One of our future goals is to further develop the interior design concept and expand it beyond Finland.”

Finally, the most important question: when will the new facilities be open to the public?
“The showroom is being built at the same pace as the logistics center, and we aim to open the showroom to the public during the fall of 2021, immediately after the move. We will provide more information on this in our channels during the summer. There will certainly be advance glimpses of the new premises as well, so it’s worth staying tuned!”

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Edit: Design Stories Images: Maija Rasila and Avanto Arkkitehdit Oy

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