Everyday aesthetics – see 7 housekeeping supplies that are true design pieces

Extension cords, waste bins, smoke alarms, and other basic household supplies rarely beautify a home. However, these necessities can be transformed into stylish interior items when you choose them carefully. We put together practical yet visually appealing everyday helpers that don't need to be tucked away in a corner!

Happy Sinks dishcloth holder, charcoal

Within easy reach

The place of the dishcloth is an eternal problem in many households – it ends up on the tap or on the counter, rarely drying properly. With the Happy Sinks dishcloth holder, you can discreetly hang a dishcloth or kitchen towel on the side of the sink. The installation can be done in a jiffy without tools: the stainless steel holder attaches to the sink with the help of a magnet.

Happy Sinks dishcloth holder >
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MyNolla MyNolla Strip, white - oak

Practical perfection

The extension cord allows placing extra sockets to easily reachable places. People often tend to hide the wires, but what if the extension cord blended into the interior? The MyNolla Strip combines technical quality, natural materials, and Scandinavian aesthetics: the minimalist power strip has a removable cover covered with oak veneer, which is finished by hand. The vivid surface of the wood brings a warm and cozy atmosphere to the space, which you wouldn't expect from an extension cord!

MyNolla Strip extension cord >
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Pidät Stop doorstop, brown

Open doors

If the doors and windows of the home are allowed to remain open, slide the unique Stop doorstop from the Finnish brand Pidät under to keep them firmly in place. What's most delightful, the doorstop designed by the American design agency Studio Gorm is made from recycled shoe soles! The surprising material gives the cone-shaped Stop a durable and flexible construction.

Pidät Stop doorstop >
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Niimaar Biowaste Box, moss

License to recycle

Recycling is often discouraged by a lack of space and poorly designed sorting solutions. One wouldn't easily guess the purpose of the charming Biowaste Box by Niimaar; due to its eye-catching design, it serves like a piece of jewelry on the counter. In addition to its dashing appearance, the container is easy to clean so you can use it without a biowaste bag. If the rest of the household waste needs functional recycling solutions, take a look at Niimaar's plywood recycling station, which can be disguised as a seat or additional counter space.

Niimaar's Biowaste Box >
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Steamery Cirrus No. 3 iron steamer, sand

Modern clothing care

The Swedish brand Steamery's multi-purpose clothing care appliances are excellent tools for both quick refreshing fix as well as for larger annual maintenance. In addition to functionality, the devices are visually appealing with a minimalist look and serene, interior-fitting shades. The fabric shaver removes lint and makes textiles smooth again, while the powerful iron steamer smooths, straightens, and removes odors.

Steamery's Cirrus No. 3 iron steamer >
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Happy Sinks KONNA the fly trap, natural white

Catch the fly

Do you have uninvited guests buzzing around in your kitchen? The Konna fly trap by Happy Sinks is an effective trap for fruit flies and other flying little visitors. Using the charming trap is easy: fill the container with bait liquid, place the trap near the fruits and wait for Konna to attract the bugs inside. Made of biocomposite, the Konna is so cute that you can leave it on the counter with other kitchen accessories to bring joy.

Happy Sinks Konna fly trap >
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Brabantia ReNew shower wiper, dark grey

Waterproof details

Everyday life becomes a lot easier when the most frequently used housekeeping tools can be displayed. The simplistic design of Brabantia's ReNew shower wiper brings a touch of elegance and calmness to the bathroom. The wiper is equipped with a handy hook, which makes it easy to place, for example, on the shower door. With the help of a shower wiper, the water flows into the drain and does not accumulate on the tiles, causing bacteria and lime stains.

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Text: Sarianna Määttänen Images: Manufacturers

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