Ask the Customer Service: “How can I choose an eco-friendly design product?”

Something old, something new, and something a bit more sustainable – now these are some great objectives for the new year and new design purchases. Check out our customer service team’s tips on how to make even more considered design choices!

Juslin Maunula  Bolster, 60 x 20 cm, jade
The life cycle of the furniture is even longer when the worn upholstery can be changed to your liking. The square-patterned bolsters are by Juslin Maunula.

THE TURN OF THE YEAR usually means giving up the old and turning the gaze toward something new and better. In home decor, the new year often brings an interest in making better choices with fresh ideas that draw from the familiar, or perhaps new innovations manufactured in a more sustainable manner. When choosing a more eco-friendly product, there are many things to consider.

This Design Stories column provides answers to some recurring questions from our customers, which may be helpful and inspirational to others, as well. We have recruited Miina Lindblad from Finnish Design Shop’s customer service team to answer your conundrums.

1. How can I choose an eco-friendly design product?

“When shopping for sustainable products, it’s good to bear at least three things in mind: your needs as well as the origin and carbon footprint of the product. High-quality design products last for decades and can also be repaired if necessary. The numerous tips from Finnish Design Shop’s Buyer's Guide help you make the right choices, and if you have any questions about the origin or manufacturing method of a product, our skilled customer service team will try its best to find the answers to all your questions.

“High-quality design products last for decades and can also be repaired if necessary.”

Sustainability is everyone’s responsibility – both consumers and manufacturers or retailers. Finnish Design Shop has adopted a sustainability strategy that helps us develop our operations and require more also of our partners. The strategy doesn’t only focus on products, but also on a variety of matters like how the products are delivered to the customers and how we can promote diversity in the entire design industry.”

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2. I’d like to find more products made of recycled materials. Any tips on that?

“More and more designers and manufacturers are paying attention to the raw materials and recyclability of design products. For example, the Woody sparkling water makers from the Finnish MySoda are made of biocomposite obtained from side streams and residues of the forest industry. Other good examples include products such as ferm LIVING’s Way rug, which is made of recycled plastic bottles, and Normann Copenhagen’s Bit stool, which is made of recycled plastic that gives each stool a unique look.

My personal favorite is Fatboy’s Velvet Recycled collection of bean bags and poufs with covers made of recycled polyester that can be removed for cleaning.

Not only new products but also old practices are being developed. Last year, the Finnish brand Fiskars updated its All Steel collection to reduce the carbon footprint of its production. Now the same pots and pans are made of 90% recycled steel. Kvadrat, one of the leading names in the world of upholstery, has also launched fabrics containing recycled materials.”

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3. I’m interested in supporting the circular economy. How can I find a new home for my design items?

“I wholeheartedly recommend putting your design gems for sale on Franckly, as the platform allows you to quickly and easily reach design lovers who are perhaps looking for just the item you want to sell.

“Already at the respectable age of three years, Franckly reaches a great number of design enthusiasts in Finland and selected EU countries.”

Franckly is Finnish Design Shop’s little sister, a marketplace for pre-owned design offering a safe, international sales platform for both sellers and buyers. Already at the respectable age of three years, Franckly reaches a great number of design enthusiasts in Finland and selected EU countries. Franckly’s collection consists of carefully curated products representing the most popular brands, and there may already be a group of buyers waiting for a specific item to be put on sale. When in doubt, Franckly’s customer service is there to help you with the entire process of selling or buying a product!”

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Miina Lindblad

Miina Lindblad works as a design sales representative in Finnish Design Shop’s Customer Service team. She is currently renovating an almost hundred-year-old house, and the interior seamlessly combines  the new and the old. Miina’s newest design treasure is Vitra’s chrome Wire Chair, which fits perfectly into the atmosphere of the old house.

For help with your design purchases:

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Text: Miina Lindblad Illustration: Evi Rinkinen

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