Falling in love with fall – check out these 7 tips for a cozy autumn décor

Permission to stay in! While evenings are getting duskier and mornings crisper, it is about time to dig out the blankets, candles, and cocoa cups. Design Stories chose seven products to create some comfy, cozy autumn ambiance – take a look at the ideas and get inspired!

An image with Marimekko's Melooni throw on a chair backrest, as part of the decor.
Marimekko's stunning Melooni blanket is adorned with Maija Isola's geometric pattern from 1963 and finished with fringes.

1. A plush bumper to keep out the cold

Sumptuous textiles are a guaranteed way to bring some much-needed hygge to the interior. Place a heap of plush decorative pillows on the sofa or bed, replace the carpet with a thicker one, and have some warm blankets close at hand. Picture yourself wrapped in Marimekko's soft Melooni throw after a long day – is there anything cozier?

Marimekko's Melooni throw >
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An image with Luceplan's Nut Mini table lamp on a sideboard, as part of the living room decor.
Luceplan's portable Nui Mini luminaire features a metal shade and a glass base. The cordless lamp can illuminate for up to six hours with a full battery.

2. Add a little light

Lighting is even more important in fall as natural light gradually decreases. With the help of a portable lamp, it is easy to conjure up additional light exactly where it is most needed. Luceplan's wireless Nui Mini lamp brings a delightful dose of atmospheric light to the bedside table or shelf – and you can also carry it with you to the terrace or balcony.

Luceplan's Nui Mini table lamp >
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A product image of Do Book Company's Do Sourdough: Slow bread for busy lives book.
The Do Book Company features a range of inspiring books, encouraging you to take on new ideas and try new things – to do and not just think of doing.

3. You knead to read this

The number one thing to do on a rainy day is to study some mouth-watering recipe books and try out new dishes. The Do Sourdough: Slow bread for busy lives book introduces its readers to the delicious secrets of sourdough baking under the guidance of baker Andrew Whitley: how about some freshly baked sourdough bread or sourdough pizza with wild mushrooms?

Do Book Company's Do Sourdough: Slow bread for busy lives book >
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An image of Rörstrand's Swedish Grace plates and mugs in a table setting, as part of the dining room decor.
Mist, the newest shade added to Rörstrand's iconic collection of Swedish Grace tableware, is just right for the crisp and misty autumn mornings.

4. Cozy up with a cup

A warm drink while enjoying an interesting book or a captivating movie – maybe while wearing a pair of woolen socks – is pure, undeniable comfort at its best. Rörstrand's Swedish Grace mug is decorated with an elegant classic design by Louise Adelborg, and the generous size of half a liter ensures that you don't have to get up from under the blanket for seconds.

Rörstrand's Swedish Grace mug >
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An image of HAY's Colour Crates in a cupboard, as part of the hallway or walk-in closet decor.
HAY's multipurpose Colour Crates make it easy to organize your home. One side of the brightly colored baskets can also be left open, which makes them particularly suitable for keeping, for example, shoes and scarves neatly in their respective places.

5. Preserve summer memories

Little by little, it's time to tell sandals and beachwear au revoir and sort out some room for fall ambiance. Put some fun in functional and stack your cabinets with HAY's vibrant Colour Crates made of recycled plastic: they are perfect for organizing all spaces from the hallway to the kids' room – and adding a bit of flair while at it.

HAY's Colour Crates >
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A product image of Marimekko's Tiiliskivi duvet cover and pillowcase.
Marimekko's Tiiliskivi duvet cover and pillowcase feature a minimalist grid pattern, softened by an earthy color palette.

6. Wake me up when September ends

Harmonious, earthy shades look irresistibly attractive after summer's multi-color patterns. The Tiiliskivi duvet cover, dressed in soft brown and gray tones, brings an autumnal color palette to the bedroom as well. Add some bright primary colors such as vivid blue to the mix for a serene but sassy finish.

Marimekko's Tiiliskivi duvet cover >
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An image of Menu's Abacus candleholder and Triptych bowl on a table, as part of the living room or dining room decor.
Menu's Abacus collection includes three candleholders of different sizes, made of strong borosilicate glass. The Triptych bowl is also by Menu.

7. Eternal flame

Candles bring warmth and ambiance to the interior regardless of the season, but just how comforting it feels to admire the gentle flame in the dim light of an autumn evening. The look of Menu's glass Abacus candleholders is delightfully light and airy, and they are perfectly suited both as the centerpiece of a table setting and to decorate a sideboard or coffee table.

Menu's Abacus candleholders >
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