Stylist Kasia Rutkowiak shares her cozy #stayathome tips

Days at home can at times feel a little bit too much like the Groundhog Day and staying active might turn out to be quite the task. Give your home a fresh, exuberant vibe with blogger Kasia Rutkowiak's #stayathome tips and find a sweet silver lining in the days spent inside.

The Stilk side table by Form & Refine
The Stilk side table by Form & Refine comprises a robust base and a vertically adjustable tabletop that is held in its place with a brass rod.

“THESE ARE SOME unprecedented times we find ourselves in! It's been months already since the world slowed down due to the pandemic and we were all forced to change our lives from one day to another, to protect ourselves and those close to us.

Staying at home has many benefits but also its downsides, especially if you don't have a yard, patio, garden, or even a balcony that you can use. That's why for the past months I have been trying to stay positive and find my hygge moments while I #stayathome with my family. Here are some of my top tips!”

Frøsnapper, a traditional Danish pastry
Frøsnapper is a traditional Danish pastry with a topping of poppy and sesame seeds.

“Just watching the pastry as it raises before baking has a calming power.”

Iittala's linen-colored Kastehelmi glass plates as a part of a table setting.
Iittala's linen-colored Kastehelmi glass plates add a calming touch to any table setting.


We've been baking a lot more than usual. Partly because there was more time and partly because it hasn't been easy to go to a bakery. We even made the more difficult real Danish pastry that we never had the time to try before. Although the process is long and requires quite a lot of effort, it really pays off. Just watching the pastry as it raises before baking has a calming power. I strongly recommend it! It is so nice to grab a piece of 'frøsnapper' with the afternoon tea!

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Hay's Flowerpot on a shelf in a living room.
Hay's Flowerpot is available in various earthy tones and in several sizes.

“I decided to use this time at home to learn a bit more about the plants that I have.”

Paper Collective’s Sketchbook Abstracts 01
Paper Collective’s Sketchbook Abstracts 01 poster is part of Jonas Wagell’s poster series in which the architect and designer explores combinations of colours and shapes.

Taking care of house plants

I have never been too good of a plant owner. This is why I decided to use this time at home to learn a bit more about the plants that I have, and also get a couple of new ones as we don't have a garden. Spring is the best time for repotting plants, so I gave them some good, fresh soil. I have placed them in several spots in our apartment and even found a place on the wall for one tiny green plant. That instantly made a small, but significantly positive change.

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Silkeborg Uldspinderie's All Yellow throw on a sofa.
Silkeborg Uldspinderie's Plain Beat throw is perfect for adding both color and comfort.
Stelton's popular Theo series
The sand-colored teapot and tea cup with bamboo details are part of Stelton's popular Theo series.

Adding happy details

My best tip to change the mood of any room is to decorate with pillows, blankets, and posters. As I cannot go out or use a patio or garden, I decided to create my own space in the living room. I used my freshly repotted green plants, botanic green and happy yellow posters, as well as some green and yellow pillows, and a very cheerful and super soft blanket. The result was spectacular and I managed to create my perfect happy hygge corner in less than 15 minutes. It is incredible what some small details can do!

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The Monocle Guide to Better Living book
The Monocle Guide to Better Living provides inspiring and fresh perspectives on the secrets of a good life.

Reading books

Some years ago I had a poster with the famous quote by Andy Warhol, saying “I never read, I just look at pictures”. Luckily, right now, there is more time for both. That is why I decided to once again go through my favorite books – those with and without images. A couple of my most favorite series are the Kinfolk books and the Monocle Guides. Both make a great escape, no matter if you have 15 minutes to read a short chapter, or an entire weekend to get inspired by other people's stories.

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Menu's Échasse vase in a living room setting.
Fill Menu's translucent Échasse vase with fresh flowers or gorgeous branches for instant coziness.

“Vivid hues automatically add a happy vibe to our home and make everything look more positive.”

The yellow Layer cushion by Muuto
The yellow Layer cushion by Muuto is named after its overlapping layers of wool that create a subtle stripe on its front.

Using fresh flowers

Unfortunately, due to many restrictions, I don't buy flowers as often as I normally would. When I finally get a chance to get some fresh blooms, I go for more colorful ones. Vivid hues automatically add a happy vibe to our home and make everything look more positive. My most recent flower buy was these colorful and beautifully fragrant freesias. They added that finishing touch to my spring corner as I #stayathome.”

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Get inspired

Theo teapot
The Monocle Guide to Better Living
Form & Refine
Stilk side table
Kastehelmi tea towel
Oiva wooden plate
By Lassen
Kubus flowerpot
Cane Line
Divine cushion
Theo teacup with coaster
By Lassen
Twin 35 table
Layer cushion
Paper Collective
Floating leaves poster

Kasia Rutkowiak is a Polish-born freelance interior stylist, photographer, and writer of the Scandinavian interior and lifestyle blog My Full House, which has followers and readers from all around the world. She is a mother to three Danish-born children and has lived over twelve years on the island of Bornholm in Denmark. Currently, she resides in Warsaw, Poland.

More #stayathome inspiration:

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Text and photos: Kasia Rutkowiak

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