Marimekko fall line 2021 celebrates coexistence with nature

In Marimekko's fall 2021 news, we'll see animal prints, annual rings, and some adorable residents of the whimsical Mari village. Check out our faves from the new collection!

Marimekko Kaksoset blanket, 130 x 180 cm, beige
Nature has been a major source of inspiration for Marimekko since the very beginning. The new fall line will feature a variety of animal prints.

MARIMEKKO'S 70TH ANNIVERSARY YEAR continues in the fall with new product launches – the theme of the collection is harmonious coexistence with nature. The line will feature animal-themed patterns from Maija Isola and Aino-Maija Metsola, among others, as well as new interpretations of Marimekko's iconic stripes. As you would expect from the brand, the patterns are quite graphic and bold, but at the same time, they exude utmost love and respect for nature.

In addition to textiles, the new arrivals also include new products in the popular Oiva series and a new hue for Carina Seth-Anderson's Umpu vase. The limited-edition Marikyläläiset collectibles, launched last spring, will also get new family members when Marimekko introduces three new ceramic figures to the series. The new products will be arriving at Finnish Design Shop in the course of the summer.

Marimekko Marikylä fabric
Designer Jenni Tuominen's Marikylä, or the Mari village in English, is a happy place where everyone can be who they are.
Marimekko Alku tablecloth
Marimekko's fall line invites you to gather around the table.
Marimekko Musta tamma cushion cover
One of the patterns in the line is called Musta tamma, "dark mare". It was inspired by Maija Isola's dream in which she was running in a forest with wild horses.
Marimekko Kaksoset duvet cover, 150 x 210 cm, beige - burgundy - orange
The playful pattern Kaksoset, "twins", features a pair of big cats. Maija Isola created the design originally in 1970.

Flora and fauna

Nature and its diversity have always been important sources of inspiration for Marimekko's pattern designers. Many of the brand's most beloved prints are adorned with flowers – which are, of course, also featured in the fall line – but in the new collection, the fabrics have been taken over by animal-inspired prints. The line includes Maija Isola's Kaksoset pattern depicting a pair of big cats, the Musta tamma pattern depicting a wild mare, and Aino Maija Metsola's graphic Karhuemo, "mother bear".

Marimekko Silkkikuikka fabric
The blue hue of the Silkkikuikka textiles comes from plant-based indigo, which has been extracted from Finnish woad.

Natural materials

The color palette of the fall line is earthy and warm with accents in aqua blue and forest green. The earthy feel is further emphasized with unbleached fabrics, which make for a fitting background for the nature-inspired patterns, and with Maija Isola's abstract Silkkikuikka pattern, which is dyed with plant-based indigo. In addition, many other sustainably produced natural fibers have been used as materials, such as recycled cotton as well as linen, hemp and jute. The collection also includes braided seagrass baskets and Oiva tableware with details in cork.

Marimekko Marikyläläiset
The Marikyläläiset figurines tell the tale of the whimsical Mari village.

The latest residents of the Mari village

Jenni Tuominen's Marikyläläiset series will expand in the fall with three new charming characters. The ceramic artworks launched in celebration of the brand's 70th anniversary represent everyday art at its best: the endearing figures brighten up the interior with their playful, unique look and at the same time function as containers. In addition to the ceramic pieces, the residents of Marikylä can also be spotted in the eponymous print designed by Tuominen.

And hey! If the new characters are as popular as the previous ones, Omppu, Pilkkuhauva, and Raita-Armi, be sure to act quickly – the previous batch sold out very quickly!

Marimekko Oiva - Unikko mug 2,5 dl, 2 pcs, white - beige - aqua
The Suur Unikko mugs are one of the anniversary year's special edition products.
Marimekko Joonas cushion cover
The Marimekko fall line is designed for shared moments of joy.
Marimekko Kaksoset bath towel, beige - burgundy
The Kaksoset print will be featured in home textiles and Oiva tableware.

Beloved Oiva and bold Suur Unikko

Many of the above-mentioned patterns will also adorn Oiva tableware. In addition, a special anniversary mug set will be released, with the iconic poppy motif given a fresh two-tone update in the Suur Unikko pattern: the abstract pattern features both aqua blue and beige. The Oiva series Little Koppa serving dish and the Umpu vase, designed by Carina Seth Andersson, will also be launched in new aqua versions.

The products of Marimekko's fall line will arrive at Finnish Design Shop in the course of the summer.

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Edit: Emmi Ratilainen Images: Brian Saragosa / Marimekko

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