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A wool rug complements the decor with soft warmth and durable quality. Hand-woven wool rugs stand the test of time and make a bold centrepiece in any room. Finnish Design Shop's selection ranges from minimalist, monochrome wool rugs to colourful and patterned wool rugs by the best Scandinavian brands. Discover yours!

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Modern Scandinavian wool rugs add warm luxury to your living space

Embrace the quality of Nordic wool rugs, where each thread weaves a tale of comfort and lasting quality. Finnish Design Shop's collection showcases a thoughtfully curated selection of modern Scandinavian wool rugs, where traditional craftsmanship meets contemporary design.

Browsing through our collection of designer wool rugs, you can discover lovely contemporary wool rug designs from Finnish brands Finarte and Mum's, as well as modern Scandinavian wool rugs from brands including HAY, Muuto and LAYERED. Ranging from monochrome, minimalist wool rugs to colourful, patterned wool rugs, these Nordic wool rug designs bring warmth and character to any setting, from modern urban apartments to rustic country homes.

Explore our beautiful selection and find a new wool rug for your home today!

Why choose a designer wool rug?

1. Durability: Wool is a natural material ideal for long-term use, and luxury wool rugs are designed to maintain their appearance and comfort for years to come.

2. Warmth: Designer wool rugs insulate heat and feel soft and lovely to touch, whether sitting on the rug or walking on it barefoot.

3. Easy to maintain: Wool's natural dirt-repelling properties make it easy to clean and maintain.

4. Air quality: Wool absorbs indoor pollutants, acting as a natural air purifier.

5. Aesthetics: Modern designer wool rugs are available in a range of colours and gorgeous designs.

Modern wool rugs for every space

• Living room: Centre stage or subtle flair, a designer wool rug serves as the living room's focal point, bringing furniture and people together.

• Bedroom: A soft wool rug, perhaps a shaggy rug, by the bed ensures the softest and cosiest start to your day.

• Workspace: Wool rugs enhance a room's acoustics, making them ideal for calming the atmosphere and soundscape in work or study areas.

• Entrance hall: First impressions count – make yours with a woolly welcome in the hallway.

Enchanting colours of Nordic wool rugs

• Crisp white: Lighten up the space with a white wool rug that brings a breath of fresh air anywhere you place it.

• Neutral nirvana: Find your zen with the calming hues of a minimalist wool rug, for example in beige or grey, calming the space and blending easily with other colours.

• Dark and dramatic: A rug enriched with dark hues or a completely black wool rug adds depth, contrast and a touch of drama to the decor.

• Colour carnival: Life's too short for boring floors – splash some fun with a pink or green wool rug, or choose a multicoloured wool rug, such as a handmade or tufted wool rug, for pattern play.

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