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An outdoor kitchen is a culinary enthusiast's haven in the open air. Outdoor kitchen modules extend your indoor space into the garden, creating the ideal spot for a barbecue or preparing festive dinners in the fresh air. Discover high-quality outdoor kitchen furniture and equipment for your dream outdoor kitchen at Finnish Design Shop!

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Crafting the perfect outdoor kitchen: Tips for choosing and maintaining outdoor kitchen modules

In a functional outdoor kitchen, you whip up the best summer delights. A well-designed outdoor kitchen invites you to savour the season's finest moments, whether you're gearing up for grill sessions or creating a versatile cooking oasis. From elegant utensils to weather-resistant outdoor kitchen modules and furniture, our selection has everything for designing the outdoor kitchen of your dreams.

In our online store, you can explore a diverse range of Nordic-style outdoor kitchen furniture and products from brands like Röshults, Eva Solo, Cane-line and String Furniture.

How to design an outdoor kitchen? 

When diving into the world of outdoor kitchen design, think of it like crafting your culinary haven in the great outdoors. It's all about customising the layout and features to match your cooking style and outdoor space.

• For occasional grill-outs and light cooking, a quality grill, functional grill accessories and a suitable workspace with outdoor lamps can go a long way.

• If you're planning an outdoor kitchen for diverse daily cooking, consider adding electrical connections and outdoor kitchen modules with drawers, shelves, and perhaps even a sink.

• Ideally, plan your outdoor kitchen in a covered space to protect items from the rain. Materials like aluminium, stainless steel, galvanised steel and teak wood are well-suited for continuous outdoor use.

How to protect the outdoor kitchen for winter? 

When the air turns too cold for outdoor dining, it's time to winterise your outdoor kitchen. Ideally, store outdoor kitchen furniture indoors for winter or at least place them under a shelter and cover them thoroughly with the right protective covers. If your outdoor kitchen has water connections, ensure you shut off the water valves for winter and drain the pipes.

In the autumn, give your grill, furniture and tools a thorough cleaning to remove accumulated dirt and grease, making their springtime use more enjoyable and quicker.

Inspiration and ideas for the outdoor kitchen 

Take the time to immerse yourself in inspiration and ideas when planning your outdoor kitchen. Comparing different styles and implementations may reveal designs that resonate with your preferences. Check out some articles from our Design Stories publication for inspiration and ideas to plan your own outdoor kitchen:

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