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Decorative objects spice up your home with skilful design, fascinating details and small stories. Perhaps you place a glass bird by Oiva Toikka or a wooden figurine by Kay Bojesen on your windowsill, store your jewellery in a handmade box or hang a mobile to your ceiling. Decorative objects also make great gifts for your dear ones!

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Discover the magic of Scandinavian decorative objects 

Decorative objects can be much more than mere embellishments. Scandinavian decor items infuse spaces with personality, charm and a touch of Nordic whimsy. These treasures, ranging from decorative sculptures and figurines to intricate platters, are statements of devotion that transform everyday spaces into captivating vignettes.

Exploring Finnish Design Shop's curated collection of Scandinavian decorative objects, each tells a story of craftsmanship and creativity. These designer decorative objects, imbued with Nordic design accents, bring a distinctive flair to your home, inviting conversations and evoking emotions, whether they adorn your own space, are gifted to loved ones, or cherished as mementoes.

How to arrange decorative objects?

Master the art of arrangement with our minimalist decorative objects, modern decorative items and eclectic decor accents following these three simple steps:

1. Set the stage with a theme: Define your theme to create enjoyable visual harmony – this could be inspired by a colour scheme, an era, natural elements or perhaps a place that speaks to you. While symmetry provides a sense of calm and order, a little contrast can create a focal point that truly captivates.

2. Create layers: Mix heights and sizes with our decorative home accessories to add depth and intrigue. This variation draws the eye and gives each piece its moment to shine.

3. Play with textures and colours: A monochrome palette benefits from the interplay of textures – mix smooth, polished surfaces with rough, natural finishes. If your space is neutral, introduce a pop of colour with vibrant decorative items like a bright glass object or a boldly patterned platter.

Explore our collection of modern decorative objects

Figurines: Immerse yourself in our selection, where each piece is intricately crafted, adding character and charm.
Mobiles: Experience movement and visual interest in any room with these captivating designs.
Numbers & letters: Personalize your space and add functionality with our whimsical selection.
Decorative boxes: Stylishly store your treasures, adding both form and function to your space.
Money boxes: Encourage the art of saving with our delightfully designed pieces.
Bookends: Maintain order and style with our sophisticated range.
Platters & bowls: Perfect for both serving and display, these items are sure to elevate any table setting.
Glass objects: Nordic glass art crafted to play with light in mesmerizing ways.

Let decorative objects inspire you! 

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