Tune into the festive season – holiday decorations and candles dress up the décor

Decorations, scented candles, and cheerful textiles bring a mood of joyful anticipation to the interior – and are also thoughtful gifts! We picked seven favorites for a jolly holiday-inspired décor, see our tips and get inspired.

Kuva, jossa Georg Jensenin messingin värisiä kynttilälyhtyjä kynttilöineen, osana kodin joulusisustusta.
The warm luster of brass adds a festive feel to the décor. Georg Jensen's Cobra candleholders mirror the glow of candles in a captivating way.

1. Go for some glow

Elegant candleholders make enjoying the glow of candles even safer and more memorable. Perhaps taking out the candlesticks bought especially for the festive season will become a new, enchanting tradition, but beautiful candleholders will also brighten up your home decor all year round.

Georg Jensen's Cobra candleholders feature a refined, fluid design language and a sophisticated brass luster that will make any occasion feel more festive.

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Kuva, jossa Skandinaviskin Snö-tuoksukynttilä ikkunasyvennyksellä, osana kodin joulusisustusta.
Skandinavisk’s Snö scented candle with a lid exudes winter freshness, with scents of frozen wood and winter berries.

2. Scents and sentiments

Scents paint powerful images and evoke memories; with them, you can easily determine the atmosphere of a space. Skandinavisk's scented candles borrow notes from northern nature and carry references to Scandinavian traditions, and the beautiful design makes them lovely decorative items as well. Delivered in an elegant gift box, the candles also make a great gift idea!

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A product image with Marimekko's Rusakko cushion cover.
Marimekko's bold Rusakko print carries a fabulously folkloristic mood.

3. Textile tranformation

By updating the textiles, the look and feel of a space can be instantly transformed. A minimalist festive decoration can be created simply by changing the curtains and pillow covers to velvet ones, for example, or by adding some bold patterns in a wintery color palette – we are just now understanding the beauty of designated holiday curtains!

Marimekko’s Rusakko pattern is a captivating mix of clean-lined design language and folkloristic charm. The decorative motif is the handiwork of Aino-Maija Metsola from 2021, and its warm and rich color palette is apt for bringing a modern holiday ambiance to the home.

Marimekko's Rusakko cushion cover >
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An image with ferm LIVING's Flora glass ornament and Bowl candleholder with candles, as part of a festive holiday decor.
You don't need a tree to put up decorations! Filled with dried flowers, Flora glass ornaments look lovely displayed in a bowl or a vase. The Bowl candleholder is also by ferm LIVING.

4. Deck the halls

Decorations make the home feel immediately more festive and putting them up is undeniably part of the magical atmosphere of winter celebrations. However, you don't need a tree to enjoy decorations – brighten the day with decorations just for fun and place them, for example, on a branch placed in a beautiful vase.

Real dried flowers hidden inside the Flora glass baubles by ferm LIVING look absolutely enchanting and keep summer memories close even in winter.

ferm LIVING's Flora glass ornaments >
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Artek's Siena cotton fabric is decorated with a classic motif designed by Alvar Aalto in 1954.

5. Holiday in color

If a red and white Christmas décor doesn't quite feel like home, you can bring warmth and coziness to the winter festivities with other colors as well. Or throw traditions completely into the scrap bin and create your own – this year, the trendiest holiday interior would definitely be created from different shades of electric blue and brown!

An earthy palette combining brown, linen, and soft white calms the home, while muted hues of orange and red create comforting warmth. The simple pattern decorating Artek's Siena cotton fabric in brick red and beige tones is a perfect piece for a more wholesome festive mood – turn it into a pair of curtains or an eye-catching tablecloth.

Artek's Siena cotton fabric >
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An image of ferm LIVING's Star Christmas calendar hung on the wall, as part of a festive decor.
In Scandinavia, an advent calendar is very much a part of the Christmas celebrations. You can fill ferm LIVING's Star advent calendar with a curated collection of small surprises.

6. No peeking!

A FIY – fill-it-yourself – advent calendar is a more sustainable choice for the much-anticipated countdown to Christmas: a beautiful fabric calendar will serve from one year to the next and you can curate the content by choosing things that will truly be useful and delightful to the recipient. Fill ferm LIVING’s cotton Star advent calendar with small treats, surprises or, for example, secret messages.

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An image with HAY's mint green Twist candle and yellow Flare candleholder as part of a festive decor.
HAY's Twist candles are sold in sets of six, featuring three different shades in each set. The Flare candleholder is also part of HAY's selection.

7. 'Tis the season to be jolly

Tall candles bring a sense of celebration both to table settings and home decor – dignified crown candles and rustic antique candles are an impressive sight when placed on beautiful candleholders.

HAY's charming Twist candles are a fun alternative to traditional candles, and their fresh tones add a cheerful splash of color to the holiday decor.

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