These designer mirrors are an easy way to refresh your home with Nordic style. Scandi mirrors are much-needed items in the hallway, bathroom and dressing room. Browse large modern mirrors that function as decorative objects by reflecting the colours of their surroundings. Use a modern round mirror to easily add natural light to a room. Our collection includes everything from modern living room mirrors to modern mirrors for the bathroom.

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Classic & contemporary mirrors to illuminate your home

Scandinavian mirrors bring light, functionality and atmosphere to your home. Finnish Design Shop mirrors serve as both functional essentials and decorative objects that add space to all your rooms. A beautifully designed Scandinavian mirror works beautifully almost everywhere.</p

• Choose large modern mirrors for small shower rooms and narrow hallways to increase the sense of space—opt for a design that complements your lighting plan to dial up the atmosphere.
• Place a luxury mirror on a dressing table and a large modern mirror next to the wardrobe add layers of sumptuous luxury to you bedroom.
• Style a contemporary mirror to add natural light to a room—a large modern mirror against a living room wall will bathe a room in light and can disguise awkward or unfinished spots.
• Perch a small mirror on your shelves to create an adorable window effect that will bring positive energy into a room.
• Create a mirror wall with several different styles of mirrors—just a few can create a magical play of flight.
• Hang a spectacular decorative mirror on the living room wall to reflect and literally double the effect of the colours of your walls, cushions, sofas and decorations.
• Use a fun shaped mirror as a decoration in itself—choose a design to match the vibe of your room.

Finnish Design Shop high-quality Scandinavian mirrors suit minimalist and maximalist styles alike. Available in every shape, you’ll find rectangular, square, round and oval in sizes that include hand-held to full-length—and everything in between. Mirror frames include wood, metal or rattan, and frameless and mirror-edged designs. You’ll love our bathroom mirrors, wall mirrors and table mirrors!

Finnish Design Shop’s selection includes a comprehensive range of designer mirrors from top names in Scandinavian design, including Gubi, Menu, Skagerak and Klong. We have the classic or contemporary mirror you’re looking for to make your space feel extra special— be it a modern mirror for the living room, a round mirror for the hallway or a delicate make-up mirror for the dressing table.. Find some inspiration in our beautiful selection and find the perfect Scandinavian mirror for your home!