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Secto Design is a Finnish design brand renowned for its harmonious and minimalist wooden lamps designed by architect Seppo Koho. The brand's wooden lamps are masterpieces that combine the beauty of natural materials with high-quality Finnish craftsmanship. All Secto Design ceiling lamps, wall lamps, floor lamps and table lamps are manufactured at the company's own factory in Finland, using Finnish birch as the primary material.

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Secto Design – Wooden lamps handmade in Finland

The story of Secto Design began in 1995 when Finnish entrepreneur Tuula Jusélius and architect Seppo Koho decided to join forces to create something unique. The original idea was to design furniture, but it soon became clear that their lamps sparked special interest. Thus, the idea of wooden lamps was born.

Secto Design, founded by Tuula Jusélius, is best known for Seppo Koho's wooden lamps – including the Octo, Kontro and Victo – which have placed Secto among the top names in Scandinavian lighting design.

Finnish craftsmanship and quality

Secto Design lamps are crafted by the most skilled cabinetmakers from form-pressed Finnish birch. All lamps are meticulously handmade at Secto Design's own factory in Heinola, Finland, ensuring that each product is unique and meets strict quality standards. The brand values craftsmanship traditions and the use of ecological materials.

Secto lamps have established their place among lovers of Scandinavian style, fine craftsmanship and natural materials worldwide, from private homes to public spaces. Their uniquely soft light and natural feel have also won numerous design awards.

A pioneer of ecological design

Secto Design strongly focuses on sustainability and is committed to the UN's sustainable development goals. Secto lamps are made from PEFC-certified Finnish birch – local production minimizes supply chain lengths, reducing the carbon footprint. Additionally, production waste is minimised, and wood waste is used for energy production.

Secto Design has also sought to reduce its environmental impact by transitioning to LED light sources, which consume less energy and have a long lifespan.

Why choose Secto lamps?

  1. Timeless Scandinavian style: Secto Design lamps combine minimalist and elegant design, suitable for various interiors.
  2. Finnish craftsmanship: Every Secto lamp is handmade in Finland.
  3. Ecological: Secto Design lamps are made from PEFC-certified Finnish birch.
  4. Renowned design: Seppo Koho's lamps are modern Finnish design classics recognized worldwide.
  5. Durable investment: Authentic Secto Design lamps retain their value over time, and their resale value is excellent.

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