What’s new: Raawii’s Teenagers from Mars blanket

Raawii’s new Teenagers from Mars smells a little bit like teen spirit. The soft blanket will keep you warm on freezing winter days and chilly summer evenings alike, adding a lovely splash of color, playfulness, and rebellion to your décor.

Teenagers from Mars blanket in blue shades
Raawii's Teenagers from Mars blanket will bring a little bit of teenage rebelliousness, playfulness, and a fascinating feeling of being an outsider straight into your home.

DANISH RAAWII IS BEST KNOWN for its timeless, practical, and colorful design. Those elements are also present in the brand's new Teenagers from Mars blanket, which charms with its bright shades and soft, abstract figures.

Teenagers from Mars blanket in red shades
The soft-lined pattern is repeated on the other side of the blanket in reverse colors. Fringes at both ends crown the casual and relaxed look.
Teenagers from Mars blanket in blue shades
The blanket is made of wool and cashmere, and is available in two vibrant shades.

Teenagers from Mars blanket is decorated with an abstract, chubby figure whose origin is unknown. Designer Olimpia Zagnoli says that those brightly colored, vaguely human-like creatures have been with her for several years.

“I still don’t know exactly where they come from or where they’re headed,” she tells. “They’re human figures but they’re also a bit alien.”

A woman wearing the Teenager from Mars blanket
Is it a human figure, an alien from outer space, or just an abstract form without any deeper meaning? The definition of the pattern is in the eye of the beholder.
Olimpia Zagnoli
The Teenagers from Mars blanket is designed by illustrator and artist Olimpia Zagnoli who borrowed the name of the blanket from the Misfits' song.

The name of the blanket, Teenagers from Mars, is a reference not only to aliens but also to the song of the same name by The Misfits, which Olimpia herself loved back in her high school days. She wanted to design the blanket as a reminder to keep that teenage rebellion inside us alive even as an adult.

Two people wearing the Teenagers from Mars blanket in red shades
The blanket is sized 200 x 150 cm, so you can hide even two rebels under it.

“I like the idea of keeping a bit of that teenage spirit in our everyday lives. These blankets are a reminder of that, to always protect the teenager inside you, no matter what life brings.”

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Text: Susa Pääkkönen Images: Raawii

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