Crisp bedding and iced latte in bed – refreshing the bedroom for midsummer

“The bedroom is a particularly great room to implement changes instantly,” stylist Kasia Rutkowiak says. In this story, Kasia shares her favorite tips for bringing a subtle midsummer breeze to the bedroom decor.

 Paper Collective Sketchbook Abstracts 02 poster
Bold accent colors add to the otherwise muted palette. The Sketchbook Abstracts poster is from Paper Collective, Frame boxes from By Lassen and Kink vase from Muuto.

“ONE OF THE THINGS I REMEMBER from being a child was my parents saying that time flies faster with each year that goes by. Back then I didn’t understand and definitely wouldn’t agree but today, over three decades later I totally get what they meant.

I cannot believe that it’s already summer and that we are almost halfway into 2021! I, therefore, made some quick updates to bring more summery feeling into our bedroom, and so it quickly became my little getaway.

I always get amazed by what small details can do. Some new posters, textiles, flowers and simple objects are all we need to turn an ordinary room into a personal oasis. I aim to implement changes in my apartment on regular basis, preferably three-four times a year, just to make it more pleasant and exciting.

I have found this particularly important in the past 18 months, as we were both working from home, looking at the same walls day in and day out. Making small rearrangements and introducing changes in our daily space became more important than ever before.

Ferm Living Dry cushion
When it comes to decorative cushions, Kasia likes to mix and match a few different textures and colors. Ferm Living’s Dry cushion is made of cotton and linen.
Matri Saara duvet cover, cream
The luxurious Saara duvet cover by Matri is perfect for a slow morning in bed. The Aalto serving tray and Ultima Thule plate are from Iittala and the Ripple glass from Ferm Living.
Le Klint 101M pendant
The lantern-like Le Klint 101 pendant lamp brings a feel of summer nights to the bedroom.
 Nuura Blossi wall/ceiling lamp
Kasia has a fondness for beautiful vases as well as lamps. The Blossi lamp was designed by Sofie Refer and the Kink vase by Earnest Studio.

For longer mornings in bed

The bedroom is a particularly great room to implement changes instantly. Often just changing the bedding makes a huge difference, however, for all of us who like it plain, the changes will be more subtle. Good quality bedding is so much more than the looks – it makes our sleep environment better. The cotton satin duvet cover from Matri feels absolutely amazing against bare skin. Super soft and delicate, perfect for warmer nights and long, slow mornings.

Adding some decorative pillows and a throw creates an even more summery feeling. Mixing and matching two or three different textures gives a unique result without the feeling of overwhelming – another good reason to use plain bedding and add character with smaller details.

Crisp soft bedding, a nice read, with some iced latte and a croissant feel and taste amazing on a lazy summer day.”

I am a true fan of longer mornings in bed, especially those weekend ones. Crisp soft bedding, a nice read, with some iced latte and a croissant feel and taste amazing on a lazy summer day. And as we recently got rid of a TV (tough but good decision!), I can now enjoy the sight of some of my favorite feminine details on the opposite wall.

In the past months, I am drawn towards bigger vases, that are perfect for un-perfect flowery compositions. It’s incredible how much life, joy and freshness do flowers bring into our homes! Waking up to a sight of some colorful blooms is the best mood uplifter.

As for vases, regardless of their size, I always go for those that look great with or without flowers, and it’s no secret that I am a vase collector. The Muuto Kink vase and the Ferm Living Shell pot are the two most recent additions to my vase collection and they get used and moved around a lot.

Ferm Living Shell pot
The String Furniture unit has been a true life-saver during the lockdown. The Shell pot is from Ferm Living's collection.
Le Klint 375S table lamp
The Le Klint 375 table lamp and the alarm clock by Arne Jacobsen add a touch of Danish design to the bedside table.
Fritz Hansen KN Slide table mirror, ash - grey concrete
After getting rid of the television, more space was freed up for aesthetic elements. The KN Slide table mirror is by Fritz Hansen.
Kay Bojesen Wooden Monkey, small, teak
Kay Bojesen’s adorable Songbird Earl and Wooden monkey climb on the bedroom shelf.

Space for work

Another of my weaknesses is beautiful lamps. And just like the vases, I like them to be functional but also to look beautiful when not in use. The 101 pendant from Le Klint, also known as the Lantern, is my favorite lamp of all time and looks absolutely stunning wherever we put it. The small hand-pleated beauty on the bedside table is the 375 lamp, also by Le Klint, and is absolutely gorgeous. I like having these two here for the warmer months. They bring in that airy lantern feeling, perfect for summer nights.

Despite the fact that we all hope to return to ’normal’ within some months, I am sure that this little workspace will stay here for good.”

The tiny home office corner in the bedroom was another of lockdown ideas – or rather musts – and although it is NOT the best idea to work from the bedroom, it was a true life-saver in our case. Despite the fact that we all hope to return to ’normal’ within some months, I am sure that this little workspace will stay here for good. It blended in nicely and gets used a lot. The String Furniture unit is compact enough to fit in a small space and functional enough to serve as a separate home office.

It might not be the bedroom of my dreams, however, I do think that it makes a very nice room for relaxing and unwinding. The Summer 2021 Bedroom Edition came out quite lovely and now it’s time to enjoy it!”

Get inspired

Saara duvet cover
Paper Collective
Enso - Burned I poster
Fritz Hansen
KN Slide table mirror
Aalto serving tray
Paper Collective
Solid Shapes 01 poster
Le Klint
375M table lamp
Ferm Living
Dry cushion
Ferm Living
Shell pot
Kasia Rutkowiak

Kasia Rutkowiak is a Polish-born freelance interior stylist, photographer, and writer of the Scandinavian interior and lifestyle blog My Full House, which has followers and readers from all around the world. She is a mother to three Danish-born children and has lived for over twelve years on the island of Bornholm in Denmark. Currently, she resides in Warsaw, Poland.

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