Laura Väre: “I want my products to bring joy for decades to come”

Furniture designer Laura Väre has a clear vision of her own style, in which she combines a reduced design language with innovative solutions and refreshing details. Having aimed for the creative field since she was a child, Väre wants to pay attention not only to the aesthetics but also to the sustainability of her designs.

Hide floor lamp by Laura Väre
Designer Laura Väre likes to combine different materials in her products. In her Hide floor lamp, the light coming from inside the metal shade is filtered through textile fringes.

LAURA VÄRE is a great example of a new generation designer who, in a short time, has managed to bring something new and interesting to the Nordic design field. Her recognizable style and determination have already brought her Design Forum Finland’s Young Designer of the Year award in 2019.

One of Väre's latest projects is her collaboration with the Finnish brand Muoto2. The Hide lamp collection, inspired by her grandmother’s fringe lamp, carries many of the qualities typical of Väre’s designs: a simple yet ingenious form, the combination of different materials, and high quality that allows the luminaires to be enjoyed from generation to generation.

Laura Väre
Laura Väre's portfolio consists of a wide variety of objects from lighting to furniture and accessories. The Hide lamp, Po mirror, and Ebba sofa are all based on playful, rounded shapes.
Edvin plant stand by Laura Väre
Metal is the material that Väre is the most familiar with. The Edvin plant stand, manufactured by French design house Ligne Roset, is made of black painted steel and aluminum.

How did you become a designer?
“I’ve always known I want to work in a creative field. As a child, I went to art classes for 12 years. I loved drawing and dreamed of becoming an artist someday. When I was 15, I decided to apply to become a metal artisan, as I was fascinated by the unfamiliar material. I’ve always been interested in learning and developing new skills.

After my metalwork studies, I began studying furniture design at the Lahti Institute of Design. There, I became even more sure I want to do design professionally. I applied to Aalto University to do a master’s there, and in 2019 I graduated as a Master of Arts. Alongside my studies, I’ve shown my skills in various work projects, taken part in design competitions, and showcased my products at international fairs.”

Young Designer of the Year 2019 Laura Väre
In 2019, Väre was awarded the Young Designer of the Year title by Design Forum Finland. The jury praised the Helsinki-based designer for her determination and recognizable style.
Hide lamp by Muoto2
The Hide lamp was inspired by an old fringe lamp from the designer's childhood. The luminaire is manufactured by the Finnish brand Muoto2.
Po mirror by Laura Väre
In Laura Väre's designs, simple forms are combined with ingenious practical solutions. The metal loop of the Po mirror functions both as decoration and a hook for hanging the mirror.

What inspires you?
“I have a curious attitude to life. Inspiration may come from ordinary everyday things around me; it may be a shape, a light, a color, an interesting material, or a view that evokes emotions in me. It’s important to keep your senses open in any situation.

“I always try to find a clever idea or shape that sparks interest.”

Sometimes I begin the design process based solely on the function of the product. At times, I come across a situation where something that would be practical is missing. Making things also feeds creativity, and inspiration may come even after you’ve already started working on something.”

W chair by Laura Väre
The Helsinki-based designer has studied design both at the Lahti Institute of Design and Aalto University. She is also a trained metal artisan.
Hide lamp by Laura Väre
Väre wants her designs to stand the test of time both in terms of durability and aesthetic appeal.
Blomm chair by Laura Väre
The gist of the Blomm chair lies in the three backrests that allow you to sit whichever way you desire.

What is your design philosophy?
“I’ve tried to create a clear picture of who I am and what I do in my own way. Sustainability is really important to me, but one cannot forget beauty – I want to design products that bring people joy in the everyday and that last for decades, even from generation to generation. I always try to find a clever idea or shape that sparks interest.”

What materials do you most like to work with?
“I don’t really have a favorite material, but due to my previous studies, I’m most familiar with metal. I often combine different materials in the same product, because I like the contrasts this creates and the possibilities it offers to shape the product. It is often the material itself that sparks inspiration for me.”

Laura Väre
Laura Väre has always known she wanted to work in a creative field. She had already started building her career as a designer when she was still a student.

Do you live like you design?
“Our home is minimal and graphic, and we have no unnecessary things. We use some of my own products that we rotate from time to time. I aim for sustainable solutions, buying only things that I need, and after careful consideration.”

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This story was originally published in Avotakka magazine.

Text: Anu Karttunen Images: Aleksi Tikkala

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