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Jopo is one of the most sympathetic phenomena in Finnish design. Manufactured by Helkama, the cheerful bike, meant for everyone regardless of their age or size, was first introduced on the market in the fall of 1965. Jopo refreshed all earlier ideas about biking with its innovativeness: it was incredibly easy and fast to modify. It turned into an all-purpose bike for the entire family, because by adjusting the seat and the handlebar, people of all sizes and ages could ride it. The bold colour selection, the low front frame and the 24 inch wheels make the bike’s form recognisable. Jopo was resurrected in 2000, when an updated model was launched on the market. However, the basic idea of Jopo, i.e. the large adjustment margins and simple structure, has remained the same. Jopo's durability, its upright riding position and its light pedalling qualities make it an excellent city bike. Beacause Jopo has foot brake and no gears, it´s very easily maintained. Jopo indeed has the potential to conquer the whole world. This view is also shared by Tyler Brûlé, the man behind the style publications Wallpaper and Monocle. Brûlé highlighted Jopo in his article for the Financial Times: “Just as BMW has done much with the Mini, Helkama is sitting on a 1960s design icon called the Jopo that could become the urban runabout of choice everywhere from Nice to Nagoya."

Foot brake, one gear, kickstand, steady luggage carrier and integrated lock
1 year
Wheels: 24" Weight: 13,7 kg. Minimum lenght for the user is 136 cm