Fabrics are an effortless way to update any interior! Choose your favorite fabric and enhance the living room or kitchen with colorful curtains, sew new sofa cushions, or create your own interior canvas. Our selection consists of classic and contemporary Scandinavian fabrics woven from cotton, linen, and other durable natural materials.

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Modern Scandinavian fabric for stylish decor

Scandinavian design is known for simplicity, functionality, and beauty with a focus on natural materials, textures, and muted colors. Scandi fabrics add bright and bold patterns or textural motifs in an array of colors, adding playful, elegant, or seasonal touches to your home decor. Any of the designer fabrics in our collection of luxury fabrics will transform your home décor in an instant. And you can switch up the patterns and designs to suit your mood or achieve a seasonal theme. Stylish patterns, like Marimekko’s snowberries, poppies, or spruce forest motifs, add charming seasonal cheer in a cushion cover or tablecloth.

Our popular Scandinavian fabrics come in different fabric types:

• Pure cotton fabric
• Cotton with acrylic coating— easy to keep clean, just wipe with a damp cloth.
• Cotton canvas
• Cotton and linen blends—print dye absorbs differently in a cotton-linen blend, so the surface feels a little harder than 100% cotton.

Popular Scandi cushion & curtain fabrics

Marimekko fabric

Marimekko fabrics are instantly recognizable with their bold lines and contrasting colors. Adding touches of Marimekko designer fabrics with cushion covers or curtains is a quick way to add bold color or pattern to a room.

Unikko, a joyous poppy pattern, is one of the company’s iconic designs—available in several sizes and colorways from black and white to vibrant pink, red, and orange.

More Scandinavian fabric prints from Marimekko:

• Rippling water in a well: Kaivo
• Allotment gardens: Siirtolapuutarha
• Spruce forests: Kuusikossa
• Water lilies: Bottna
• Snowberries: ‘Lumimarja’

Artek fabric

Artek offers us fabric with beautiful, more subtle graphic patterns, like Siena designed by Alvar Aalto. A pattern inspired by marble tile in a medieval cathedral. Artek fabrics come in strong canvas cotton, pure cotton, or acrylic-coated cotton. The modern minimalist designs and subtle textures make them suitable for a host of decorative purposes, from bags to cushion covers.

Scandi fabrics FAQ

How much curtain fabric do I need to buy?

The amount depends on the type of curtains you are making. Include extra fabric for the hem, rod pocket, or eyelets. We usually recommend adding 12 inches of extra curtain fabric on top of the required curtain length. Read more about buying curtain fabrics in our Design Stores article.

Can I use any fabric for upholstery?

No. Upholstery fabric needs to be stain resistant, color fast, and resistant to shrinkage, pilling, abrasion, and fading. Before buying fabric for upholstery purposes, check that the fabric is labeled as being suitable for upholstery. Any other type of fabric will quickly show signs of wear and tear.