Choose beautiful designer pillowcases to create your ideal sumptuous and cozy pillow and cushion arrangement. A luxury pillowcase in natural, premium-quality materials is a long-lasting, comfortable choice that will serve you well for many years. Opt for designer pillowcases with rich patterns, graphic minimalist designs or serene Scandinavian tones to bring your perfect bedroom vision to life.  You can also take a look at our beautiful selection of duvet covers!

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Have some fun—make a scene with designer pillowcases

Finnish Design Shop’s luxury pillowcases and pillow covers come in a rainbow of color choices to match your décor and to set your imagination free. You can use designer pillow covers made from high-quality cotton, linen and poplin to create a beautiful atmosphere in your bedroom—no matter how much or how little space there is to play with. Swopping out your luxury pillow covers is perfect for an affordable, easy change of scene or mood.

Instant slip-on style

The Finnish Design Shops range makes it easy to introduce your perfect personal vibe into your bedroom. You can choose a patterned designer pillow cover that picks out the color of something you love in your room—your table lamps, a favorite ornament or bedspread for example. Alternatively, you can pull it all together by matching your cotton pillowcases to your duvet covers or bed sheets. You can always develop your creative flair by adding an accent pillowcase or two to give your bed cozy, inviting and well-coordinated look that scores high in the style stakes. Finnish Design Shop pillowcases come in a choice of sizes —allowing you to add rhythm and interest into your bedscape .

Fancy pillowcases for every room and decor

The Finnish Design Shop collection of designer pillowcases includes designs from celebrated Scandinavian studios and beyond. Choose from softly stone-washed matte effect cotton pillowcases or make a colorful splash with bold graphic patterns and bold shades that draw the eye. If you’re in need of ideas and inspiration, you can start to build your bedroom vision by checking out the before and after pics of a simple but stunning bedding transformation in our Design Stories blog.

If you tend to get warm at night, the Mother Linen range of designer pillowcases from Magniberg is the perfect choice, created from naturally cooling high-quality linen. Be bold in striped cotton pillowcases from the HAY range—they’re stunning in mix and match colors for a teen’s room, or simply pull it all together with a matching duvet cover and pillowcases. Soft yet crisp, you’re guaranteed a wonderful night’s sleep. The beautiful shades of Tekla sham pillowcases make it easy to build up sumptuous layers of comfort on your bed, designing the ultimate haven to sink into at the end of a long day. Whether you’re dressing a bed in your room, your guest room or a kid’s room—you’ll find plenty of designer pillowcases to choose from.