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GUBI chairs

GUBI chairs add a touch of Danish design to any interior, no matter private or public. Finnish Design Shop stocks a wide collection of authentic GUBI chairs ranging from soft and generous armchairs to sleek dining chairs. Discover our chair selection and choose the perfect GUBI chair for your home!

Manufacturer: GUBI

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Discover GUBI chairs for your home

GUBI is a global design house that works with talented designers to create timeless modern icons for its constantly evolving collection. In addition to creating designs for today, GUBI also reintroduces classic pieces from design history for a new audience. Learn more about GUBI furniture.

Find GUBI chairs for your modern Scandi home

GUBI handpicks top designers to create its chairs. The resulting collection emphasizes craftsmanship, sculptural harmony, and precise engineering. All these qualities are present in each beautiful GUBI chair. Shop for your favorites in the Finnish Design Shop.

Unique GUBI chair shapes

Our collection of GUBI chairs plays on familiar shapes and contrasting materials. The Pacha lounge chair exudes warmth and comfort with its generous upholstery and sumptuous lines, echoing the shape of a turban. Like three other popular GUBI chairs – the Beetle, Violin and Bat – this chair is a playful reinterpretation of its namesake.

3 GUBI chairs to discover

GUBI Violin chair by GamFratesi

• Available in fully upholstered and seat upholstered versions
• Two parallel lines on the back resemble violin strings
• Powder-coated steel frame and slender, tapered legs

GUBI Beetle Chair by GamFratesi

• Elegant, comfortable chairs with a sculptural silhouette
• Inspired by the anatomy of a beetle
• A soft interior, insect-like legs, and a hard, curved shell
• Several colors, materials, and upholstery options

GUBI Pacha lounge chair by Pierre Paulin

• Designed to bring people closer to the floor
• Features a swivel base that returns automatically
• A minimalist design that exudes warmth and softness with upholstery

GUBI chair colors, textures, and materials

GUBI chairs are available in many colors, patterns, and textures to suit different types of space. You’ll find plenty of soft and neutral colors along with natural textures ideal for creating a Scandinavian-style ambience.

Soft colors, patterns, and textures may also be put in contrast with black steel, dark-toned wood, and darker hues. Overall, natural materials dominate the collection with a generous use of fabric upholstery, rope, rattan, and wood.

Make GUBI chairs the heart of your home

GUBI chairs easily blend with other modern designer furniture. Many GUBI chairs adapt to different settings, with models suitable for kitchen, lounge, and dining room, as well as indoor and outdoor use. If you need relaxed, comfortable seating for your home, GUBI chairs offer sculptural beauty combined with functional excellence. You can reinforce the coziness and warmth of your GUBI chairs using lamps and lighting from our lighting collection.

10 most popular GUBI chairs at FDS

• Violin chair
• Beetle chair
• Pacha lounge chair
• Bat chair
• Bohemian lounge chair
• C-chair
• Stay lounge chair
• Tropique
• Masculo chair
• MR01 chair